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You know they're desperate when...............

Discussion in '2016 Election' started by Biker, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Over the past 3-4 days, democrats.org has been spamming the shit out of my inbox. I'm not talking an email a day, I'm talking SEVERAL bloody emails a day. And every single one of them asking for money.

    It's bad enough that some pudknocker gave 'em my email address. But this recent flurry of spam just takes the cake. I'd love nothing better than to see them end up on all the email blacklists.
  2. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    I use a "star" email system that is impractical for most but depends on how many email addresses and forwards you can generate. With my own web hosting account I have an unlimited number of forwards. Depending on how many forwards a person can create this system may work for you. Note that "your own domain" like e.g. my-own-name.com (or another variation like "biker-the-biker.com") are available for around $15/year or so.

    In my case I have a "real" email address that I give nobody. All the email addresses I hand out, I create a forward first and then use that to forward to my real account. This is an account which I never send from. I have 3-4 other accounts (business, friends & family, etc.) that I use if I intend to reply. Forums, utilities, etc. always get the forward to my inbound receive only account. I have maybe 30 forwards, including one for GA. (Obviously I would never have any occasion to send an email to GA.)

    The way this system works is I set my email program message filters and have a folder for each email forward. Incoming messages get automatically forwarded to a dedicated folder. In GA's case I have a "forums" folder where all emails from any forward associated with any forum go. Each bank or utility has its own folder.

    If you used a system like this all you'd need to do is look at the email address sent to and delete the forward. Problem solved.

    Note that if you buy your own domain and then move or change ISPs you are not tied to an ISP so your work changing contact information with utilities, banks, credit cards is zero since you own the domain and your email never changes.

    My account hosts multiple sites including site hosting, a service you won't need, but a basic email only account should cost perhaps $1-$2 per month.

    Just today my personal friends & family email was getting spammed so I just changed the email address and sent each friend & family the new address. No more spam.

    That must be a bummer being spammed by the progressive no-borders party. Worse, any time you receive an email with an unscribe link, hit it and you just show the spammer they have a good email address they can continue spamming. Never ever hit an unsubscribe link unless you are certain the organization is honorable, something like Home Depot or something.

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