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Xmas Gifts

Discussion in 'Bits & Bytes' started by mrRT, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. mrRT

    mrRT Tech Mod

    So whats on your Xmas list this year???

    Look what Santa left at my house alreay..And HE FORGOT TO WRAP IT!!!!


    (and no I'm not talkin about the cat, who looks like he's stickin out his tongue..heheheh)
  2. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member


  3. Techie2000

    Techie2000 The crowd would sing:

    Tht's it! I'm sending in my commandos! I don't find out what gifts I'm getting until Christmas. At my house, Santa likes to put our gifts in bigger boxes stuffed with plastic bags to confuse us...
  4. mrRT

    mrRT Tech Mod

    But Techie....She's smart...Those things are just freakin sittin there .....staring me in the face...beggin to blow holes in the walls with that music...


    thats way worse.....way worse.....hehehehhe
  5. Techie2000

    Techie2000 The crowd would sing:

    Your right. I think I like those better than the Klipsch because of the remote control.

    (BTW your neighbors are going to love you now. I can just imagine...Boom! "mrRT blew up another tank again..." and those would kick butt for DVDs.)

    What sound card do you have?
  6. mrRT

    mrRT Tech Mod

    Audigy 2...Platinum version....

    that should rock...hehehehehe
  7. Sierra Mike

    Sierra Mike The Dude Abides Staff Member

    My List is Very Small.

    Gosh, I only want a few things for Christmas myself...essentially tawdry, cheap knick-knacks which wouldn't have a major impact on my life...

    First up would the the Piper Meridian...


    And so I can get to it at the airport, I'd need a Tahoe Z71...


    And of course, since I hit up the international travel, the Boeing BBJ is the coolest ride out there...(oh, and Santa, I'm skedded to hit Hong Kong on 20-28 January, and Beijing in February...)


    But really, honestly, in order for all of this to happen, I need to get cracking on my novelization of The Peacekeepers and Dragon's Gate, not to mention either City of the Damned or Flight of the Dark Horse...so, Santa, if you could, I'd like this added to the list as well...


    And, oh yeah, since we're having this little chat, about four hundred million of these would be just nifty...


    Well, that about does it for me....


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