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Wow, That Hague Court is Sure Tough on Criminals

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by ethics, Nov 29, 2002.

  1. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    And the title of the thread is laden with very heavy sarcasm.

    I've been following the crimes of Vasiljevic for a while and the Hague just slapped his wrist for 20 years imprisonment. Too tough? Yah, that's what the UN Internatioanl Criminal Tribunal said.

    Though the sentence was stiff, judges at the U.N. International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia found Vasiljevic guilty on only two counts -- persecution and murder -- and acquitted him on eight others.

    This beast was accused of cold-blooded 1992 murder of five Muslims who had begged for mercy. He was convicted on one and got 20 years?

    Excuse me, what does this show the rest of the world when you kill based on ethnicity?

    The UN and anything affiliated with them has become a big circus with a bunch of clowns. And people expect me and others like me to support this waste?

    Puhlease. Time to write to my Congress once again.

    If I come off sounding pissed, I truly am.
  2. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    This is the punishment the rest of the world wants us to exchange for the death penalty? I think not.
  3. yazdzik

    yazdzik Veteran Member

  4. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Re: Re: Wow, That Hague Court is Sure Tough on Criminals

  5. yazdzik

    yazdzik Veteran Member

    Re: Re: Re: Wow, That Hague Court is Sure Tough on Criminals

    Dear eth,
    That kind of statement gives me real faith that there are still men of moral courage alive and fighting.
    Such candour is all I ask, and I deeply respect you for it. Why do you and I find such acts disgusting and degrading, when the world is so tolerant thereof? Have many begun to confuse genuine tolerance and compassion for moral complacency?
    I am inclined to admire intemperance in defence of moral and ethical right more attractive daily.

  6. -Ken

    -Ken Guest

    To everybody,

    I have to wonder if the court hasn't finally answered the age-old question,
    "How much is a human life worth?"

    If we get to kill five people and we are penalized twenty years, we can now
    assume the life of one person is valued at four years salary of any Bosnian
    military racist criminal bastard (after taxes, of course).

    Congratulations, while I have no idea how much some asshole in that part
    of the world makes, it does seem like life is pretty damn cheap there.

    As you all know (I'm sure) I do not support the death penalty. In this tempting
    case, as much as I would like to make an exception, I believe this disgusting
    animal should spend the rest of his natural life behind bars. My only wish is
    that he would live with the most painful medical condition known to man for
    a minimum to two centuries. Anything less is letting him off way too easy!

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