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[WoW] Living Essence

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by SixofNine, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. SixofNine

    SixofNine Jedi Sage Staff Member

    So the Devout Bracers finally dropped (yay!). I had the +4/5 sec. mana regen enchant on the old bracers, but in the interim I got to Revered with Argent Dawn, which qualified me to buy the +24 healing bracer enchant. One of the mats is six, count 'em, six, Living Essences.

    (full list of mats: 2 Large Brilliant Shards, 20 Illusion Dust, 4 Greater Eternal Essence, 6 Living Essences)

    I think I have a couple in the bank, and I have no idea how much these cost at the AH. For farming purposes the name "Dire Maul" tends to pop up a lot, as all of those Warpwood mobs and related pals drop this. Might be time for a shopping trip. I have to get back there anyway to work on that libram drop.

  2. Andy



    Just lemme know when. :)
  3. Elspeth

    Elspeth Beware the Fire Dragon

    Sounds good to me. I think my warrior book drops in there and I believe a piece of valor, but not sure.
  4. Sam

    Sam Cute and cuddly!

    We has 3 shards in the bank right now. So that will help a little.
  5. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    I will see what I have in bank as well.
  6. Plunge

    Plunge Passed Away July 20, 2007

    Sent 4 to the bank.
  7. Sam

    Sam Cute and cuddly!

    Sent you 4 essence and 2 shards from the bank. Enjoy. :)
  8. SixofNine

    SixofNine Jedi Sage Staff Member

    Omigosh, thanks! I'm actually good on the shards and plan to send back more than you sent me. :) We also had a guild-only five-player run of Scholomance last night and banked more Large Brilliant Shards and Illusion Dust.


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