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[WoW] Leeroooy is alive and well on Cenarion Circle

Discussion in 'PC/Console Gaming' started by Andy, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Andy


    [Long, but funny]

    Last night, I decided to go for a trip.
    I trodded my 33 Druid on down to the Deadmines to take a tour and hopefully get into a pickup group.
    Last time I make that mistake with players I don't know and are unaffiliated with a known guild..

    I had 3 quests to do in there, and even though my Druid is a 33, the quests were all under 20-ish. (I figure how hard can it be?)

    So I'm heading down and I see one lvl14 mage (Zolitor?) repeatedly asking
    I wait until someone else answers, and I see he has 3 already claiming to want to go. I pipe up and note that I can lend my services.

    So what does Mr. lvl14 mage do?
    I whisper to him
    Right here is where I should have just hearthstoned back to Duskwood and gotten some real experience.

    They finally show up. and Mr. lvl14 mage tools right in without so much as a "hello".
    I look at the remaining two (a lvl 20 warrior and a lvl 16 pally) all shrugging, and I create the party. Inviting Mr. lvl14 mage last. I then as party leader lay down some simple rules.
    They all agree. Off we go.

    So, I then ask (because I have no idea what a mage can do) if Mr. lvl 14 mage can heal at all. (I later find out that he cannot?)
    My tells go repeatedly ignored for oh.. say 10-15 mobs.
    All the while Mr. lvl14 mage is TANKING of all things, and running back to me aggroing all the mobs on me. Then gives me the
    tells over and over.
    This is where I boot him out of the party.
    I let the other 2 know in party to hang out while I let Mr. lvl 14 mage know in open /say that I cannot heal anyone if he is aggroing 2-3 mobs on me. I especially take my sweet Druid time if anyone asks out of char with "Dude! WTF?".

    He claims to be sorry, and asks to be let back in, and that he will chill..

    I tell him one more time.

    About 30 seconds later as we are all in the process of resting, quaffing potions, he goes,
    and runs off into a side cavern, only to return with 5 mobs chasing him, and he is already down to 20% health.

    :sigh: I look at my shoes and ponder how large my Druid's feet really are.

    He dies, and we wipe up his mess once again.
    He yells out..

    /Uninvite. Buh-bye. On ignore.
    He actually comes all the way back in to collect his body, and I think he died a few more times before he got all the way back out again. Oh well. too dumb to even know how to use his hearthstone.

    By this time, we are less than 100 feet from the instance entrance. The Warrior pipes up and says
    Fine I think,
    As he tools off the way we came. We end up fighting our way all the way to the entrance again, only to find this guy standing there waiting. I am not pleased at this point, but at least they fought well along the way, not aggroing mobs on me, and I didnt have to heal any of them once.. I figure that these guys will do allright now without the one we got rid of.
    I then invite "Leeroy jr." (As he will now be known as) into the party and lay down the rules again that I previously had set. He says
    and off we go.

    We fight our ways all the way back to the instance entrance again, and I still only have 3 of the 4 needed cards for one quest. Once we get into the instance, Leeeroy jr. puts on his warface.

    off he goes, charging into mobs in a manner that would make Frodo's character seem like a pacifist like there is no tomorrow, all the while, I am trying my best to keep him and his buddies alive.
    Several times when we have a chance to rest and charge back up, I tell
    to no avail.
    Off he goes again getting his buddy who got him invited and the other pally killed in the process. I res the one guy who was along the whole time, and we wait on Leeroy jr. to come back from the dead.

    At this point, I've just about had enough of him an his OOC style too, I politely explain that I cannot heal if I am being pounded upon by multiple mobs because my spellcast resets allmost completely to zero when I get multiple hits from mobs that HE aggroed.

    I tell him
    He then immediately turns and charges a set of doors down near the forge-thing in Deadmines, while the rest of us are getting attacked again from behind.

    We finally get wiped, (me first) and ironicaly, Leeroy jr. is still alive. (barely)
    I hang out long enough to watch him get jumped by 5 more fresh mobs, (3 elites) and die.
    I then get rezed at the spirit healer and let them all know I've had enough fun for one evening.
    The last thing he yells out in the party channel is
    I let him know out of char,


    Leeroy jr. is alive and well on Cenarion Circle, and Dontor be thy name.

    Sad part? I never finished any of the quests, never got one iota of experience, only got one drop and it cost me 80s to repair my equipment.

    Fine rewards for wasting 2 hours of my time. :rofl:
  2. Advocat

    Advocat Viral Memes a Speciality Staff Member

    Hmmm... I think you'v just summed up why I don't play WOW. :lol:
  3. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    If you are on today, I will go with you with my 51 rogue if you want, or 45 warrior.
  4. Andy


    Thanks Ethics, but.. I won't be home till after 1130pm...

    I'll catch it again another day. Maybe Frodo will want to go again too.. He said he soloed it the other day. :clap: (If he did, my hat is off to him!)
    I'd like to see a bunch from TKE take it on and just walk right through. That would rule.

    Don't get me wrong Advocat, I LOVE this game, this is one happenstance out of hundreds of coordinated plays I have had with hundreds of other players who don't have their craniums up their posteriors.

    I just thought some might get a kick out of me having a bad night. Especially in an area where I am 10 lvls above the reccommended level to play in that area. :rofl:
  5. Advocat

    Advocat Viral Memes a Speciality Staff Member

    As an old-time RPGer (I was playing D&D when it first came out... about 30 years ago!), I can easily recognize what we used to call a H&S (hack and slash) gamer, so I can empathize. I have to admit calling them "Leroys" has a bit more colour.

    I may get around to trying it someday... there's just something about the idea of a monthly fee that <i>really</i> rubs me the wrong way.
  6. Andy


    If you do, we would like to have you with us.. :)

    And I can empathize with you about the fee part.
    That was my biggest hold back getting this in the first place.
    If I knew I would enjoy it THIS much, I would have been playing a long time ago.

    The money I saved by not having HBO/Starz on my SAT now and cutting back on a few of my other vices that I now spend my time on playing Wow more than cover the monthly fee. (I bought 6 months worth in advance and saved even more)

    I'd rather pay a few bucks/mo to have updated servers/servers that dont crash, (my only peeve is the Tuesday maintenance takes place at a time when I could be playing, forcing me to do "real life" stuff. :rofl: ) than the old days I used to play Thief2 with fan made mods that were unsupported and only caused a multitude of headaches.
  7. Frodo Lives

    Frodo Lives Luke, I am NOT your father!

    Deadmines solo was a fun challenge, even for a 42 season warrior. :happy:

    I am going again soon. I have 2 pieces of an item set and really want the other 3 items. :) :)
  8. Andy



    I didn't even get that far...
    Gimme a shout. I'll go with you anywhere. :thumbsup:
  9. Frodo Lives

    Frodo Lives Luke, I am NOT your father!


    Can't make it tonight. So tired I keep falling asleep. Tomorrow,after or before Tuesday Upkeep sounds good.

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