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[WoW] It always has been, and it still is...

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by Andy, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Andy


    ...all about rule #1.

    There's probably about 4.. maybe even up to as many as 6 of ya out there who've actually wondered over the last few weeks or more "Where in the hell has Mav been?" (The rest of ya can read on if you like though ;))

    Well, I'll tell ya, besides being knocked on my ass all last weekend sick, I've been pretty much staring at the queue at those precious moments where I actually would like the priveledge of playing my main.
    After all, that's why I pay my money monthly just like everyone else.
    To be honest, the queue situation lately on CC flat out :friggin: sucks, and I don't see it getting any better anytime soon.

    Coupled with that, the increasingly fewer moments of opportunity once I actually do get on with my main to actually be able to participate in some group/Guild function...(and even less opportunities that don't involve another run to ZG, but that's another thing) 99% of the time they're already full, or kicked off 2+ hours before I even got off of work.

    So, I've had to resort back to my philosophy of WoW and rule #1.

    I've done something else that allows me to still enjoy this game.

    I've rolled another toon on a PvE server that has little-to-no queues in those hours I'm ready to have fun. And the only reason I've been toying around with that, is there is someone I work with who has several lvl 60's there, and at least I still get to play with someone I know now and again who's on the same schedule as me... but I pretty much prefer most times to just solo.

    I've even actually learned a few new things over the last few weeks, which is cool considiering that not only do I have a 60 who has 99% of all the map explored, (Yes, Mav's been to Darnassus.. Hyjal is my only unexplored area) I probably have close to 200+ levels total gained under my belt with all the toons I've rolled on both sides of the fence with all races and classes played (except a Pally.. I do have my standards), and thought I've seen about 95% of all things there was to know about pre-60 life. (That would mean non raiding and non lvl 60 instances)
    Between tooling around with a different combo of new builds before settling down on my latest of a Troll Hunter, I've learned..

    1. Troll Hunters rule for soloing.
    2. Bears with the proper training rule as tank-pets. Especially Bjarn from Dun Murogh. (Done as a lvl 12 Dwarf Hunter)
    3. There's an Inn in Westfall. :eek: (Never found it in leveling up several Alliance toons before.. either it's new, or I just flat out missed it.)
    4. It's actually kinda fun to start again from zero fund$ and exp and plan out a whole build in your head, and complete your goal of getting to a certain level with a certain amount of funds pocketed, knowing that you did it 100% on your own.
    5. In my experience, PvE servers are not as bad as people think....(At least the one I've been toying with) I've actually seen 80% less drama there, and have yet to run into the whole "OMFGLOLZPEWPEWPEWROFLCOPTER" crowd.... yes, even in Barrens Chat.
    6. There are many... many moments I miss Windfury.
    7. Those moments are usually compounded by how many times I find myself tooling around somewhere and laugh out loud due to something remembered that happened in the "old days" with the Alphas. /sigh

    But before I go all nostalgic and way of on a tangent..

    I guess what I'm trying to say is this...

    NO I haven't or am not quitting WoW.
    I'm not quitting CoH
    I'm not killing off Mav or any other of my alts. (other than Rhoop who is already dirt-napping in Mulgore... that beeatch back-talked me and skimmed off the top just one too many times)

    I'm actually keeping everything else right where it is and I am and hoping that the new hardware they're promising and the expansion will make my experience with CC better... someday... but not now.

    I'll still be around if and when something is actually scheduled during hours where I can actually get onto CC with the rest of you... or if someone needs a hand with something I am capable of doing and posts about it happening when I can also get there...

    Other than that.. I'm pretty much just taking a break from CC and flat out refusing to sit in a 500+ deep line every night when I get home just to have the fun that I am paying for.

  2. SixofNine

    SixofNine Jedi Sage Staff Member

    It's always been there. :) It's a pretty modest joint, easy to miss from the outside. My first toon, a human, could not help but stumble into it with Westfall being the first progression beyond Elwynn Forest.

    It's certainly understandable that you're spending some playing time on a server where you can actually get in and play. Hopefully the lag, queue, and other issues will fade into the sunset.

  3. Andy


    Exactly.. I think even the time I finally found it, the only reason I even recognized it as an Inn was I finally saw a mailbox.

    Otherwise it looks like a rundown and partially abandoned sawmill. :lol:
  4. Elspeth

    Elspeth Beware the Fire Dragon

    I understand where you are coming from Mav. I haven't been getting on till 8pm server time and that makes it really hard to find anything to do. Hence why I have been moonlighting on my Alliance mage. I am thinking of going back to a PVE server (started on Icecrown) or possibly one of the new rp servers (if there is one). I like trying out the different classes and figuring out what I like.

    Also I am about to start studying for my underwriter's license (insurance), my office certs, and adobe certs. I also want to start writing background stories for my characters. Also trying to learn to draw. So WoW as been down on the list. Also playing Guild Wars (which is pretty cool) and just started RF Online (again pretty cool and stunning graphiscs) Plus we are going to be gone 2 weeks in July (COMIC CON!!! anyone else going?)

    Hopefully things will get better soon in WoW. The one day I got on the test server everything ran really smooth and there was very little lag so maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe we will bump into each other on another server :)

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