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[WoW] Humor at the expense of the n00b/ RE: "farming"

Discussion in 'PC/Console Gaming' started by Andy, May 19, 2005.

  1. Andy


    The other day, I was making my way from Iron Forge to Loch Modan and was having a nice conversation with Adle in the guild channel. (in between his connection problems). He asked what I was up to, I replied I was en route to a new area to see about quests, and gathering herbs along the way.
    He states that he was "farming" so he could make some jugs of whisky.
    Now, here I'm thinking he's doing a different part of the game where you actually plant crops, grow, and cultivate stuff to sell/eat/make stuff. (Like I said, humor at the expense of the new guy)

    So, I go offline later, and look up this farming thing in WoW.

    Not what I expected at all.
    Apparently, there are cetain areas where you "farm" to gain points, item drops, etc.

    I gave it a shot this morning, and I gained more silver/copper 5 "green" items, tons of normal ones and exp.points this am by working for 2 hours in an area south of Darkshore (one of the Humaniod camps off the road) than I did in the last 3 days of questing, running around for bits of silver and items I can't use. :doh:
    This works out well, since I seem to be in a weird bracket at level 20 where I have all my quests done for Darkshore area, but I'm not experienced enough to solo any quests without dying further south in Ashenvale Forest even though it claims to be for levels 18-30, most of what I've seen I need to be at least a 22.

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