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[WoW] How do you make your gold?

Discussion in 'PC/Console Gaming' started by Brazbit, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. Brazbit

    Brazbit Nah... It can't be.

    I never had much luck in the Auction House until I got high enough in fishing to catch firefins and oily fish. A full stack of those sells for several gold and has allowed me to go from having an average bank account of 50-75 silver to 10 or more gold at any given time. One hour of fishing in Southshore nets me about 10 gold at the AH. I know in the grand scheme of things 10G is nothing but for me it is opening a lot of possibilities (not to mention making keeping my Paladin well armed and armored possible.)

    I am leaving the weapon and armor selling to my wife since she has infinately more luck selling those than I do.

    I can't wait to go fish higher level areas.

    So... how do you make your money?
  2. SixofNine

    SixofNine Jedi Sage Staff Member

    Andy and I were just talking in another thread about how the prices of certain reagants and potions have risen due to the increased demand for them by battlegrounders.

    The very low level Swiftness potion is a good seller, as are mana, healing, and troll's blood potions, not to mention the Fire Oil and Blackmouth Oil that are made from those fish you catch. :)

    I had the dumb luck to choose herbalism/alchemy/fishing, not because I'm the Warren Buffett of WoW but because that's a highly recommended set of skills for mages (for good reason, too).

  3. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    playerauctions.com :p
  4. Brazbit

    Brazbit Nah... It can't be.

    I saw your post in the other thread. I was origanally going to add my comment to it but decided to start a new thread rather than derail the other one.

    Alchemy sounds interesting, I have yet to try it. I took up leather working but it costs more than it produces. I might keep skinning and drop leather working for another skill sometime. We kill way too much to leave all those hides behind.
  5. Andy


    Cripes, I need to get to Southshore :eek: Where is that?

    Most I've made from fishing was less than a gold per stack of oily blackmouths (On my server, the AH seems to be flooded with them, but I turn them into oil and they sell quick)

    I tend to find an area with either Murlocks, or those furry humanoid things (name escapes me right now) and put on my overalls and grab a hoe. (Not that kind of hoe Ethics. :p )
    I especially find an area with a consistent chest spawn between 2 or 3 closely placed camps, and make my rounds.
    My latest area I could drum up 1G/day was Raven Hill cemetary in Duskwood. I leveled from 28-33 there.
    Silk is aplenty there, and Skeleton swords were almost every 3-5th drop.

    I was getting there between coin drops and item drops, 1G for an hour or 2's work with all the exp I could eat. Not counting the occasional gree/blue goodie that I can hock off in the AH for a few gold.

    I just popped to lvl 34, and found an area in the Arathil Highlands, Dabyrie's Farm, where I can get good exp and venom sacs to make antivenom potions, along with a bunch of new herbs I've never seen before.

    My othe favorite way is to catch the AH on Tuesday mornings, an hour or so before server shutdown, and buy up for minimum bid some items that are less than 30 minutes to expiring, that I know will sell well over the weekend, at a tidy profit of course. ;)
  6. SixofNine

    SixofNine Jedi Sage Staff Member

    Better that you started a new one, as technically I was taking that other topic OT by talking about this. :)

    Alchemy without herbalism might not be ideal from a moneymaking perspective because you would have to buy your herbs from people like Andy and me. :) It's the non-fishing alchemists who are buying all of those Oily Blackmouths and Fire Fins from you, and in the same vein the non-herbing alchemists have to buy 95% of their raw materials (herbs) from herbalists.

  7. Brazbit

    Brazbit Nah... It can't be.

    Southshore: http://www.worldofwar.net/cartography/worldmap/hillsbrad.php

    From Ironforge go through Loch Modan, The Wetlands, Aralhi Highlands, then hang a left when you get to the first fork in the road in the Hillsbrad Foothills. I first found this town on a suicide run with my level 11 Warlock. I was just out exploring looking for griffon routes.

    On Icecrown I can sell full staks Oily Blackmouths for 1G 75s to 3G. Firefins get me 2G 50s up to 4G. Usually I am the only person selling full stacks.
  8. SixofNine

    SixofNine Jedi Sage Staff Member

    Hmmm, almost directly north of Menethil Harbor. Maybe I'll swim and farm Strangekelp along the way. :)

  9. Andy


    Thanks. :) I just got the gryph router to the retreat up there in the Highlands this morning. I also just realized where they are hiding all the stranglekelp too. I picked up a stack of 20 in less than 10 minutes on my run up the coast from Menethil Harbor.

    Now I know where my next fishing trip is going to be. :drool:

    I also found that gathering flesh-eating worms from the Raven Hill Cemetary are a good/FREE source of +75/10- minute lures.:happy:

    I've got 2 full stacks of them, as I need them in Moonglade to catch every single cast, even though I am maxed at 225 in fishing until I hit lvl 40.

    Once other tactic I use when making my gold, is I pick up everything when solo, or I grab as much as possible when in a party. Especially other's "scraps" they don't want.
    I noticed that some people I party with only pick up the coins and good stuff.. You'd be amazed how fast the cloth/wool, or other "vendor trash" adds up when you are packing along 4 14-slot bags in addition to your 16.
    If I do get to a point where I run out of room and find something good, I just nerf the least expensve item to make room for the good drop.

    I'm currently holding around 28 in gold, after just upgrading all my armor with enchantments that I got from a Guildmate for 2 G, and all of my recent training this morning.
    Not bad, I'm told by some since I've only been at this for around a month. (I'm saving for not only my mount, but for a Staff of Jordan :thumbsup: )

    I did get a few donations when I joined (which were greatly appreciated!) and I plan to either return their investments soon or if they wish, I can in turn pass it on down (Kharma is key with me) to whomever is new to our Guild and needs the extra hand to get going full speed.
  10. Frodo Lives

    Frodo Lives Luke, I am NOT your father!

    I have a hard time keeping the gold I get. :lol: AH is like a sickness to me.

    I find soloing as far as I can in an instanced can get me some pretty nice gold. I also do some dirty dealing in AH. I find out how much an item is going for then sell mine for 10% less or more. Sometimes I sell an item for half the price that it is going for.

    I am thinking about trying out a new character on a different server to see how it goes. While I love the server most of us are using, it is way to crowded most of the time.

    I wish I had more ideas to make money. I am thinking of hiring myself out as a merc, aka Sword for Hire.
  11. Brazbit

    Brazbit Nah... It can't be.

    An interesting idea. perhaps it would work as a guild of mercenaries. Rent your selves out to help people "solo" dungeons in exchange for gold or your pick of the loot.

    I did a search and there once was a German guild that did this with an excellent name, Rent-A-Runt. They don't seem to be around any more so perhaps it isn't such a good idea....
  12. Andy



    Wow, If I would have known those 2 stacks of Kingsblood I've been holding onto in the bank would have sold for 10G each, I would have done it sooner!

    Funny thing is, I cant go 2-300 yards in STV or Duskwood without tripping over the stuff. :rofl:

    Right on target for my mount. :thumbsup:

    And is it me, or is there a definite lack of swifthistle this week? (Nerfed due to swiftness potion/battlegrounds popularity?)

    I've collected 40+ briarthorn, and not one sassafrigginfratzin swifthistle in the bunch :banghead:
  13. SixofNine

    SixofNine Jedi Sage Staff Member

    I guess I should hope the population on my low-population server increases a little - the prices aren't that insane on Skywall, at least not according to auctioneer or the prices you see when browsing.

    Wetlands has some good spots, too.

    Don't pass up the mageroyal, either.

  14. SixofNine

    SixofNine Jedi Sage Staff Member

    Of course, being on a lower-inflation server does have its benefits. I just picked up the recipe for Elixir of Superior Defense (+450 armor for 1 hour) for 70s, and the recipe for Elixir of the Mongoose (+25 agility and 2% increased crit chance for one hour, insane demand for it) for a 1G buyout. Those are bargains even on my server. I can't even make these potions yet but a mage has to plan ahead. :)

    A week ago I paid a 6G buyout for the Swiftness Potion recipe but had turned a profit by the next day.

  15. Andy


    Curse you. :p
  16. SixofNine

    SixofNine Jedi Sage Staff Member

    Hey, I've seen how much gold you have in some of those screen shots - you're way ahead of me. :thumbsup:

  17. Andy


    72 and counting. :whistle:

    But I'm a cheap :friggin: er.. I run (cat form) from Stormwind to Stranglethorn. :lol:

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