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[WoW] Hit 60? Now What?

Discussion in 'MMORPG' started by ethics, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. MNeedham73

    MNeedham73 Well-Known Member

    lol, and you have to deal with Gillo bitching about your pet too ;)
  2. Elspeth

    Elspeth Beware the Fire Dragon

    I might start a hunter, but i don't know. Plus I don't have a tauren :)
  3. Copzilla

    Copzilla dangerous animal Staff Member

    A rogue is probably a good idea. I'll roll one up, probably an orc.
  4. Andy


    I'll roll a rogue just as soon as they allow Tauren to do so...

    You know how stealthy they are. :p

    *clomp* *clomp* *clomp*

  5. Andy


    As far as Mages go... I'm quite happy with Schleprock, and will most likely keep him.

    He's 13, and ready to clean out Ragefire.

    He currently is only mining/skinning, but I just might go Mining/Engineering with him for the simple fact that Puddleglumm is doing skinning/leatherworking.

    I'd love to get her up to a point where she does Dragonscale armor.
    That stuff sells for huge $. (I should know, I've tossed enough money at it :rofl:)

    I'm very happy with how she's coming along too.. spent 2 whole hours this morning and got her up to lvl 6 already.
    Really dig the "reach out and touch someone" aspect of guns.. can't wait to have a pet and keep the mobs at bay and fire away.:happy:
  6. Brazbit

    Brazbit Nah... It can't be.

    I was looking at our lower level guild players and noticed we have a boatload of cloth wearers. Not even leather wearers it seems everyone wants to be a finger waggler. When I started Brazbanq he was like the second or third mage in the guild. Amazing how many there are now. Sure most are alts but wow.
  7. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Well, it's class based. Druids and rogues are the only leather wearers from 1 to 60. Everyone else is either mail, plate, or cloth.
  8. Brazbit

    Brazbit Nah... It can't be.

    Right. I could not believe the number of mages, priests and warlocks. It took me very much by surprise considering the first two waves of charecters had like 3 total.
  9. SixofNine

    SixofNine Jedi Sage Staff Member

    In the 60-level instances that we would hit as a small guild, the recommended roles fall into a general pattern (more than five roles listed because one toon can fill more than one role):

    - Main Tank: Warrior

    - Primary Healer: Priest (and undead crowd control with Shackle)

    - DPS: Mage (also Remove Curse for some instances, Instant Arcane Explosion for crowds of trash mobs)

    - Secondary Tank: Warrior, Warlock (Voidwalker), Shaman, Hunter (pet tanking), and Druid (Bear form)

    - More DPS: Rogue, Hunter, Mage, Warlock

    - Backup Healer: Shaman, Druid

    - Crowd Control: Mage/sheep, Priest/Shackle, Druid/Sleep, Warlock w/Succubus/Charm, Rogue/Sap, any others?

    - Wipe Recovery: Shaman, Warlock Soulstoning Priest

    In some of the instance guides the mage is listed as the third almost-essential member, right behind the tank and healer.

    Crowd control becomes very important (you can't just brawl your way through, and mistake=wipe), and the mage seems to pop up in the guides a lot as a key member of the party because of the DPS, crowd control, and AoE.

  10. Copzilla

    Copzilla dangerous animal Staff Member

    Well, all the tactics and individual plans aside, we've got to look real hard at the group quests and group necessities, and when we can get these done. We've got several -

    Araj the Summoner *
    Duskwing (done for some) *
    Fatassedgrub (done for some) *
    Summon the Ra looking guy in Silithus (Raid)
    Battle of Darrowshire (Raid)
    Blackrock - 3 different zones, right?
    Stratholme *

    Now if I'm thinking correctly, the ones I've starred are ones that we can do in five-man guild groups, right? We're about to have 6 total L60's. Gillo is just inches away. That would be 1 warrior, 2 priests, 2 shamans and a rogue. Els is still too low to run the instances, but could finish the outside elites. We could run just about any 5-man combination. And Araj, Duskwing and Fatgrub can be done with a 5 man group and 2 add-ons just jumping in once the fight starts. So any five guys who haven't completed Araj, Duskwing or Fatgrub should be in there.

    BTW, Blackie, Gillo and myself trio'ed Duskwing yesterday and made him pay. It was a helluva fight. Blackie was tanking, I was healing him nonstop and Gillo was DPSing the crap out of that oversized rabies carrier.

    My biggest instance need is Stratholme, and I know Blackie's is too. There's your two bookends... Who else needs in there?

    Oh, and Blackie, that elite place we went yesterday and got that book? I need to go back and blow that place up. The quest "Is That All?" leads to that zone, and we're supposed to blow up the buildings there.

    And that quest where we had to pick up those skulls from the Champions and transform them, I finished it last night. The alliance was gone, and the place was sooo much easier without them there. The spawns are random, so if you don't see one, you kill everything else in an area, then go back through in a few minutes.
  11. SixofNine

    SixofNine Jedi Sage Staff Member

    I need the two Araj the Asshole quests, and we need to do that to get the key to Scholomance, absent a rogue with lockpicking in the neighborhood of 280/285 (not sure of the exact level required).

    I've done Fatassedgrub but still have to do Duskwing.

    I still have to do Deathclasp in Silithus. Apparently the big-ass emissary in Silithus requires a fairly large raid, at least 20.

    In the Battle of Darrowshire chain, I'm up to Marauders, which is pretty close to the end.

    Blackrock Spire is a 58-60 instance composed of Lower Blackrock Spire (LBRS - can be five-manned) and Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS - requires mini-raid of 15).

    Blackrock Depths is a 52-60 instance next to BRS, which among other things, gets farmed for mats to increase reputation with the Thorium Brotherhood.

    Scholomance can also be five-manned to complete quests, mini-raided for faster farming. Stratholme is basically two instances in one: a "dead" side and a "live" side. Both have quests associated with them, and I have read that Strath is supposed to be the hardest instance for groups. In general, you do the five-man group for Scholo, both sides of Strath, and LBRS to complete quests, and optionally go with larger numbers to farm at a faster pace.

    I always "need" to go to Scholo, Strath, and xBRS, as that's where the Devout item set is farmed. :cool:

    I have been through Scholomance, LBRS, and UBRS once each. Almost got to go to "dead" Strath last night but I had to relog because WoW insisted I was in a group and I lost the opportunity to the login queue.

  12. Brazbit

    Brazbit Nah... It can't be.

    And to that end I will be assisting Els in leveling to 60. I am not leaving her behind again.

    She missed out on a lot of XP even though she was running the same instances with us. Since she fell a few levels behind around level 30 due to being out of town she wasn't able to do the quests when we did instances and being low person on the totem pole got the short end of the killing xp. Where we would get 80-90k xp for an instance she would get 30-40k which just made the gap wider and wider as we progressed.

    We were able to get her a level last night in Ungoro crater. It should not take that long to finish leveling her up.
  13. SixofNine

    SixofNine Jedi Sage Staff Member

    Be glad to help in any way possible, with the possible exception of giving Els all of my gold. :)

  14. Andy


    Braz, you and Els pick out something this week @ night that Els needs and can get some decent exp, and I'll gladly tag along to git 'er done.

    Goodness knows she's tagged along with us enough times :)

    Yes please. :)
  15. Copzilla

    Copzilla dangerous animal Staff Member

    She's 53, she's primetime for Western Plaguelands, which is easy for any or all of us to assist. I'm trying to caution Sam from using too much upper-guildie horsepower though, because a lot of those quests are things that give exp just through the kill volume, and slamming through them without the kill exp hurts leveling, I think. Same with Els in the Plaguelands, some of the grind there is just as fast alone (or just a duo) and more exp, like the runt dogs and ghouls and stuff.

    I really think after bringing a guy from zero to sixty in about 8 weeks that a two man team with half the time soloing is ideal. Gillo and I climbed so fast because we were giving each other support without wasting the grind experience.
  16. Brazbit

    Brazbit Nah... It can't be.

    Thank you (Seid also) very appreciated.

    Have you seen him? Stomped lvl 60 Blackie flat in 3.2 seconds. Literally.
  17. SixofNine

    SixofNine Jedi Sage Staff Member

    Some players insist that you need a full raid of 40. Others say 20 is enough, but nobody goes lower than that.

  18. Andy


    In Els' case doing all the quests she can in West Plaguelands with a few tag alongs will still net her the exp for the quests, just faster.
    Heck, even I still saw a couple hundred exp for taking out lvl 51 mobs @ the first farm on the right.

    Tons do do.. :)

    Even better, once all the cauldrons have been done once, you can repeat them for added exp. I was getting like 450-600 exp each time, and if you do it right and gather all the mats, you can knock out 4 or 5 cauldron runs at once in the same place.
    My personal record was 10 @ once right at the 2nd farm on the left. That was right before I dinged 60.
  19. Brazbit

    Brazbit Nah... It can't be.

    There are ways I can help her without impacting her XP at all. Last night we were killing level 55/56s and she was getting the full 750xp per kill. Less impact then if I was grouped with her at her same level and much faster kills.
  20. Elspeth

    Elspeth Beware the Fire Dragon

    The problem with this is that warriors don't solo well. We take forever to kill stuff. So I am going to be wasting all of my bandages just to get xp.

    I hate power leveling. I would rather take 3 times as long to get to 60 and enjoy it then level as fast as possible and miss half the stuff.

    if this means that I will miss out on doing guild raids since I am too low of level then that is fine. I am not one to force myself into a group. I want the guild to benfit from the raid not worry about me dying because i have a huge aggro radius.

    Thank you Mav and Seid for offering to help

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