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[WoW] Gadgetzan shuffle questions

Discussion in 'MMORPG' started by Andy, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. Andy


    I know Ethics told me he did this before.. but I was just wondering...

    Having completely cashed out/killed off Puddleglum, (little bastage was worth 3G already!) and everything I am not going to use on Coriakin, I still have stuff on Coriakin I'd like to get to Mavramorn.

    7 Runecloth bags 2 or 3 Mageweave bags, and 2 silk shirts (I want to keep all of these nice things since they were all made by Palori and cost me absofrigginloutely nothing. :happy: )
    I also have a one handed axe, a shield, Staff of Horrors, (all that Mavramorn can use and are more deadly than what he has now.. I can't seem to find anything as good Horde-side yet)
    And once all my current auctions sell off or expire tonight of all the goodies I was stashing up, (silk cloth and enchanted water) a nice lump sum of Gold. (prolly over 30G?)

    That being said, I plan on keeping everything else that Cori wears and his mount "just in case/someday" and just leave him in Gadgetzan for future transfers if needed.

    Gold transfer I know about.. put up something cheap like a chunk of meat or an apple for the amount you wish to transfer (and get bit in the arse with the auction fees) but with specific items to transfer over, (like my bags, etc) is it possible to put them up for say 1c (plus the auction fees and deposit.... I know) and have someone there to buy them immediately?

    Items would go first of course. ;)

    Or is there a minimum that you have to sell items for? I never tried to sell something for 1c that was worth several gold.

    Looking to do this this weekend.

    Thanks. :)
  2. Brazbit

    Brazbit Nah... It can't be.

    There is no minimum but it would not surprise me to find out that folks have a sniper program for the AH to snap up deals like that as soon as they are put up for auction. I would be careful if I were you.
  3. Andy


    I can understand that if someone else were in the AH at the time this might be a problem.. but what if the 2 involved were the only ones accessing the AH to do this?

    We all know (those that have been there) how dead Gadgetzan can be most of the time and if both sides knew what items in what order were going to be sold/bought one at a time.. seems like if you choreographed it right.. it seems like it should not be a problem. (but hey, that's why I'm asking. :thumbsup: )

    If there is something being used that auto bids on an item if you are not even "using" the AH window let alone BE in Gadgetzan, that to me seems like an out-and-out hack. I've yet to hear of something like that yet.

    But ya never know. :doh:

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