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Woo hoo! I'm done! I finished my X-mas shopping!!!

Discussion in 'Society and Culture' started by Susan Addams, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User


    Woo hoo! :D :D :D I'm done shopping!!! I feel just like the grrl in my favorite movie Flashdance!!!

    Here's just some of what I got!

    I already got a bunch of stuff I've already received including I tricked out my condo in Alexa (including a Show) and remote plugs to cover my bedroom lights, living room light, garage light (I don't want to go out there when it's spooky and dark, and too lazy to look for the switch in the dark), studio lights and coffee maker. Today I'm expecting delivery on the new Echo Connect: Connect your home phone to your compatible Echo device to call any phone number, using just your voice, so all my Echo devices are now speaker phones! :) Kewl! :) I have my Echo Show next to my favorite chair so I can just ask Alexa to call my friends and speak hands free! :) ... My cordless phones just don't have enough speaker volume to work well.

    So today! Yes!!! :) Here's what I bought in my final foray to Amazon:

    HD indoor antenna: to see if I can recover back the local TV stations that I lost when I went streaming with Fox news and fired my cable TV saving $50/month. I can send the HD antenna back if it doesn't work or hide it behind my TV if it does. Cost: $26

    I got a 48 color brush pen set just to satisfy my inner artist. I have a studio I use for most of my hobbies. Drafting table tilts when I play with art. Worktable for more heavy stuff. Brush set: $28

    Cell phone dash adapter: $10

    2x AmazonBasics Apple Lightning USB cable, they're always breaking: $12 for 2-pack

    Fellowes paper shredder 10 sheet cross cut. Suzy doesn't like to share her secrets and the old shredder gave up the ghost a few weeks ago: $70

    Solo Fifth Avenue 17.3 Inch Laptop Attaché, Hard-sided (aluminum) with Combination Locks to protect my laptop while traveling: $56

    And in the last few weeks I bought 70 shares of Amazon and 100 shares of PayPal, just because a girl has got to have her financial security! :) Oh I forgot, I got a 6 month CD at 1% APR. No sense in letting that lazy money loaf!

    Oh darn. I just remembered I didn't get any gifts for my friends. Well anyway I'm having Christmas with my family so I won't be seeing my friends until after Xmas so I can pick up some after market sales and save them for personal delivery, and I can use the post Xmas sales to ship to my out-of-area friends! My brother is a gamer so he probably won't even pop out except for food and won't notice I didn't give him any gift. I gave him the gift of leaving him alone while I visit with mom and dad. They kept our bedrooms even though neither of us have lived with them for years. Mom and dad will be happy with my hugs and smile! :) And of course I help mom cook the turkey. (Yeah, I know, "rocket science.") ;)

    Let me tell you it's a relief! It's like having multiple orgasms until I scream stop! ;) I'm totally cooked! ;)

    I did get an early start last month with my Sonos setup. The living room and bedroom systems sound fantastic! :) .... Poor Suzy is now out of money and will have to get with the IT stuff to get more to spend. :(

    p.s. I can't make up my mind whether my favorite movie is Flashdance or Dirty Dancing... Well I have both, and end to end makes a pretty good evening with the right company! :)
  2. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User


    Woo hoo! It doesn't get better than this! Wow he's such a dude!!! Wait... What??? I forgot what I was going to post... Oh yeah, he has such great... (Wait, Suzy, TMI!) ;)

    Okay okay, I unpacked and hooked up my Echo thingie and added it to my Alexa system and then phoned my BFF and I swear she sounded like right next to the chair on the other end of my end table! This is the best speaker phone I've ever had! I just said, "Alexa, call LaVonne" and when she answered it was like she was sitting in my living room visiting with me! Better even, her voice has more presence, and I sounded better back the other way that I reduced my {big} mouth distance to my Alexa Show's mic. This is the Alexa device on sale $150 that has the video built in. But you lean that once you have Alexa you can keep adding skills, sometimes by adding hardware. (I'll have to add another entry in my cell for "Vonnie" so I can pick whatever name I tell Alexa to call.) I call her "Vonnie" when I'm most excited! :)

    Best news is that it works through all my Alexa devices so I can call and chat from any room. By the way Dots are on sale for $30 and while not having as good a speaker they work too!

    I haven't explored Alexa routines yet. I can aready wake up and say, "Alexa what time is it?" (No more clocks.) Or I can say "Alexa wake me at 7:00 a.m." (What, are you INSANE?) Then it's, "Alexa what is the inside temperature," "Alexa turn up thermostat to 62 degrees" then "Alexa, give me my weather brief" and "Alexa turn on coffee!"

    I think it can be as simple as me saying, "Alexa, start my morning routine!"

    Hm... I wonder how good Alexa is at applying makeup... Meh, like I would wear makeup to work? I don't think so. In fact half the time I telecommute!

    Hey, everybody who telecommutes gets a % off time for shopping, right? ;)

    I give Amazon's Alexa to phone portal system a big thumbs up!!! Wait, all I can find is the extended digit smiley. Oh, yeah, that's where it's at! LOL! :thumb-63:

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