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Why Older Men Prefer Younger Women

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by ethics, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. freebear

    freebear Registered User

    Actually, our relationship is so new, I haven't even discovered all the bad yet. We like each other and we enjoy each other's company. As for the future, I cannot really say yet.

    As for why we hooked up, I think it was the color of her eyes. The day after I met her, I asked her if her eyes were not blue last night (they were green that morning after). She later told me she had dated guys for six months and they couldn't tell her what color her eyes were. She has several colors of contacts.

    She is smart, has her own business, is educated and doesn't ask me for money...at 21. She is still excited about life as am I. What kills me is I am divorced because we got robbed and it crashed out business. The Ex said I should have been watching closer. Am I bitter? Well, I am still pissed at her but hey, thank goodness she left before I had cancer, or alzheimers or paralyzed in a car wreck. Women my age seem overly...realistic. It seems to me that all the other women (my age range) were waiting for me to turn into their ex and let them down, cheat, whatever. Drove me nuts because I never cheated. I was told more than once that, well, I will just have to be patient and prove myself. Piss on that! I don't have to prove my integrity to anyone to overcome her baggage. Go beat on someone else's emotions and heart. I have a life to live. Also, this one doesn't have an ex, so...

    I just don't know why anyone would generalize and decide that something is bad just because it isn't for them.
  2. freebear

    freebear Registered User

    Cool avatar, Fiona.

    'zilla, I LIKE the idea of being a Silverback

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