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Why are things being made smaller now?

Discussion in 'Society and Culture' started by Andy, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Andy


    Serious question, why are things being made smaller now and billed as the same size as things were 20 years ago?

    Case in point.

    My foot has not grown since at least 1986, as I can still fit COMFORTABLY into the same pair of dress shoes that came with my Class A uniform I received in Basic @ Ft Knox. Size 12.

    I wore a size 12 (Nike) sneaker back then, over the years I have had to up that a bit due to how crappy shoes are made now so why is it what when I attempt to find a sneaker that actually fits me now, I am now forced to find a size 13 EEEE? I picked up a pair of size 13EE off of Amazon the other day, they are internally label as size 13EE and these frickin things look like ELF shoes, and I can barely fit in them, yet the pair of size 13's (NO EE's)I got about 3 years ago are still a bit too big.
    Guess what the big flat foot measury thingie says my foot is when I actually use one at a shoe store?

    SIZE 12

    Another point, Levi jeans, I still have a pair from about 10 years ago that still fit (holes and all) but if I dare to find the same exact size and style (550 relaxed fit) I can't even get them zipped let alone buttoned.
    I bought 3 pair a while back of the same size directly from Levi, all 3 were labeled exactly the same and only one actually fit, I had to send the rest back.

    Is this some sort of subliminal prank being played on America by those backwater countries that now make our crap to go along with their mantra that America is too fat even though I'm the same exact size I was 15 years ago?
  2. Allene

    Allene Registered User

    I have trouble with sneakers, too, but not so much with clothes. I think women's clothing has been sized smaller than it really is in some cases to appeal to vanity.

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