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[Vehicle]Opinion, please?

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by Steve, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Excellent choice, good luck with it. :)
  2. Copzilla

    Copzilla dangerous animal Staff Member

    It is indeed. Very smart buy. Will retain value like few other cars.
  3. tke711

    tke711 Oink Oink Staff Member

    Congratulations Steve and excellent choice!!
  4. Sierra Mike

    Sierra Mike The Dude Abides Staff Member

    Wonderful choice! If I ever got into the minivan market--and I will not, please God--I'd go with the Odyssey.

  5. Steve

    Steve Is that it, then?

    I like to test road conditions in bad weather, where it's safe, by deliberately inducing slides, skids, etc. at relatively low speeds.

    For the record, the traction control system on the Honda Odyssey is phenomenal! I can't say enough good things about it. It's the closest you can get to 4WD in a FWD vehicle. Patches of road today, on hills especially, that I thought would be a problem (and were for many other vehicles) were handled very nicely by our Odyssey. I could see the traction control indicator on the dashboard lighting up but the van drove like it was a slot car. I didn't skid or slide once. Nothing.

    It's beautiful!
  6. tke711

    tke711 Oink Oink Staff Member

    That's great!

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