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To Firewall, or not

Discussion in 'Bits & Bytes' started by btdude, Oct 30, 2002.

  1. ditch

    ditch Downunder Member

    Yes as Mikeky said, its too easy to miss something if you are relying on personally tweaking things for security. For the relatively low cost involved its worth the Norton goodies you have in mind. Even better PopupStopper is free as is entry level Zone Alarm. Why not?
  2. wapu

    wapu Veteran Member

    I am similar to most here it seems. I have a Router that does NAT, a NetGear 311 I bought about 6 months ago off BBR for $40 Shipped. ZAF, Norton 2000 AV, Proxomitron and Ad-Aware. Proxomitron is my Favorite out of all of them. That program rocks! Right now, ZAP has a 60 free trial that I am trying out. I like it so far, 5 days now, and am definitely thinking of going with the upgrade. That is about the same time my updates for NAV expire. I will probably try AVG, as I have heard good things about it.

    I would recommend running ZAF at the very least. It doesn't hurt anything and does provide some really good protection, especially for the price.;) Proxomitron is a great popup stopper, but does require a little configuration that is tricky.

    NAT, coupled with a dynamic IP and a computer and router that is off when not in use provides some security. It is like roadside assistance on your cell phone, seems like a waste, until the first time you need it.

  3. John R. Beanham

    John R. Beanham Typical Aussie Male

    I use Norton Firewall and AV and I get notices of a dozen attack attempts a day.

    Both are updated automatically and the computer mags say they are the best.

    I do fairly regular tests from Norton and other independent sites that check all ways and means of getting into my comp.

  4. ditch

    ditch Downunder Member

    I have NAV on my machine that has ME and have recently purchased etrustEZ anti virus on my XP machine after seeing it highly recommended in a mag I subscribe to. It was only US$20 or AU$37.50 which is a good saving on NAV although Norton has more features.
  5. btdude

    btdude Veteran Member

    Thanks to you all. I knew I'd hear some good answers here. I have been away for awhile, long distance car dealing with online prices. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME> Anyway. Thanks.

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