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this game is driving me InSaNe!!!!!

Discussion in 'PC/Console Gaming' started by Scott, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. Scott

    Scott Some Assembly Required


    i have finished every level but level 10. the others took me less than a minute each, but 10 is KILLING ME!!!!! i tried for over an hour, and i have such a headache that i feel likei'm gonna puke from it. it's probably simple, too. (I%*&%ing stoopid games.........;)

    have fun :). it's more addictive than crack. LOL
  2. Violet1966

    Violet1966 Stand and Deliver Staff Member

    Sc0tt, if you wanted to punish me, couldn't you think of a more creative way to do it? ;)

    You're just cruel. Thanks....I need a fix ;)
  3. Violet1966

    Violet1966 Stand and Deliver Staff Member

    That's it!!! I can't stand it anymore!!! I can't get past level 3 and you've got the audacity to stand there and talk about level freaking 10!!!???

    Why Sc0tt? Why??? Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

    <small>Ok I just got past level 3....I almost forgive you.</small>
  4. Scott

    Scott Some Assembly Required

    i passed levels 11 and 12. i'm just stumped by #10
    [gl]level 10 is trying to kill me.........[/gl] :nut: :nut: :nut: [moveup]:nut::nut::nut:[/moveup]
  5. dmdvt

    dmdvt Guest

    Cool game, this one will get you to use the old noggin.
    I made it to level 4. I will keep working on it.

  6. Frodo Lives

    Frodo Lives Luke, I am NOT your father!

    I did it! I did it! I finally figured out what the hell you are supposed to do.

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