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There's No Use In Crying Over Your Hair If You've Lost Your Head

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by daknowlt, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. daknowlt

    daknowlt New Member


    Getting out of the cozy cocoon of isolationism, the United States suddenly discovered the effect of political diffusion. It's natural if you actively influence others, you cannot avoid the oncoming influence. In the late 30's of the last century, this influence became so obvious that US legislation banned direct lobbying by foreign governments. However, the water will always find a crack. During the 20th century, effective ways were developed to allow foreign states to promote their interests on the American political Olympus. Therefore, when the anti-Trump bacchanalia started around the hypothetical intervention of Russia into the elections (the total failure of the democrats must be explained somehow), I just LOLed. They said, Russian hackers had got some classified papers, stalked the Democrat candidate on several websites, and praised Trump. It was literally this malevolence that affected in the most dramatic way on the sacred choice of the American nation. Oh yeah, they're totally serious when saying this. Both Ms. Clinton, using her personal e-mail address to send classified diplomatic papers to the four winds, and the FBI "big bosses", covering her climacteric insanity, of course "do not know" that the Russians aren't even in the top five of the most effective ethnic lobbies in America, and they don't have a real influence on the US policy.

    Well, you might be interested who has a real influence. Let me bring you an example. Look at the Armenians. There are not many Armenians in the United States who are not members of some Armenian party, association or society. All of these organizations have overtly set a goal of influencing on the domestic and foreign policies of the USA. The actively functioning Armenian National Committee of America (see ANCA) has more than 45 offices in 25 states. Also, founded in 1972, the Armenian Assembly of America (see AAA), besides the HQ in Washington, has a regional office in Beverly Hills. The project of "Armenian tree" is managed from Cambridge; there's also an office in New York, dealing with the relations between the Armenian diaspora and the UN. Besides that, we should keep in mind that the United States is not the only country where they work; the network spreads to the European Union as well, functioning as a genuine mafia.

    If you are confused with the comparison with the mafia, you should know it's an understatement. Both the ANCA and the AAA back the so-called Federation of Armenian Youth. The FAY trains Armenian boys in the summer camp of "Taliban", I mean, "Hayastan", preparing them for serving in some Armenian national terrorist organizations. A terrorist den in the USA! It sounds weird, right? Ok, I gonna remind you the Murad Topalyan's case, who's also known under the pseudonym "Moose." The respectable Mr. Topalyan is the former chairman of the Armenian National Committee of America, an inside man in the Congress and a frequent guest of the White House. Briefly, he's a worthy representative of the Armenian lobby. To be honest, there is a small spot in his impeccable career. In 1999, Topalyan was arrested on charges of organizing terrorist attacks, selling weapons and explosives. A perfect rot, Topalyan recruited demolition men and killers among young Armenians and trained them to carry out terrorist attacks in the summer camp mentioned previously. And the real-life experience Armenian gunmen got in Beirut, where they were improving their skills in the action. The practical result of these exercises was the explosion of a car next to the building of the Turkish mission to the United Nations in New York in October 1980.

    Let us think for a while about what would happen to some other citizen of Great America, for example, to John Smith from Oklahoma, if he had committed such a crime in the US? He either would be sentenced to death or to 50 years of rotting in a jail. All right. But do not forget that we are not talking about WASP, black or Hispanic, but about a representative of the Armenian diaspora. Do you know how much was his punishment? Three years of imprisonment and three years of supervision! As if he robbed a store being drunk. This, my dear, we call THE INFLUENCE. Of course, if this influence is real, and not fictitious, as in the case of Russians, who get 20 years for a small fraud with credit cards.

    Having read the text above, you might think that it is the Armenians who bend over America. Am I right? Well, that means you do not know anything about the real abusers. Meet the Saudis and some other Arab kings from the Persian Gulf. Meanwhile, the consequences of the oil embargo in 1973 are still alive in the memory of the Washington officials. They know what will happen if the kings and sheiks suddenly take out their gargantuan money from the banks. And certainly they understand the consequences of the possible withdrawal of troops, which hold Iran at bay, from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. Therefore, the guys in white sheets can easily bend over America in perverted forms. And that's what they do. They do not even need the presence of ethnic communities in the US. Why do they need any social group if the money allows them to get all key players by the balls? Our incorruptible and patriotic politicians, lawmakers, top businessmen, diplomats, spies, both generals and admirals, fight each other trying to get closer to the Arab money. Besides that, there's a number of official lobby groups. Can you imagine the size of their gross budget, if only one PR-company Qorvis Communications, working on improvement of the image of the Kingdom, has received more than $60 million from the government of Saudi Arabia during the recent years? I bet, you can't imagine. For instance, what do you know about Saudi Arabia, except that they roll in money? Do you know that several medieval punishments are practiced there? For instance, local priests may sentence you to public decapitation, quarterization, and even stoning. I think you haven't heard about that. You know nothing because a great number of policy experts, ex-ambassadors, professors of elite universities and other expert busters are paid by Saudis to write articles, make publications and read lectures in which they shed the right light on this wild, barbarous kingdom.

    But these are mere shrimps. When Armenians buy up congressmen in some states, it would be surprising if the richer Arabs would not spread their network of "innocent corruption" to the whole country, starting almost with schoolchildren and students. They brainwash well the young people, but the work with the people who have already reached a high position in business and politics is still much more important. Exxon Mobil Corp., Koch Industries, Inc., Chevron Corporation, Fleishman-Hillard, Boland & Madigan, Inc. and other tough companies carry out overt and not very overt lobbying activities in the interests of Riyadh. Not very far back in the past such activities were immediately equated with the high treason, with all that it implies. But the times change, and the money does change them. According to the statistical center of The Lobby Watch, only for November-December 2013, Saudi Arabia transferred to the account of Exxon Mobil Corp more than $113 million. And according to the Government Accountability Groups, Saudi lobbying organizations spent more than $115 million on the presidential campaign of Barack Obama! Was it interference, or was it not?

    Against this background, one can keep silent about the fact that annually in Riyadh and Doha there are more than a hundred of political and business forums where, at the expense of the hosts, both representatives of American businesses, and influential politicians gormandize, have a high on the hog vacations and get luxurious gifts. Such a trifle for serious people. But one thing we should not keep silent about is that Saudi Arabia is the main source of cash influx for Al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists, and it also charges up radical Wahhabism in the mosques of America. So, while our political and military elite eat from the swarthy hands of Bedouin kinglets, the terrorists, being financed by the same kinglets, keep killing American people. So what did you say about interference?

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