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THE Moderator

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Domh, Nov 30, 2002.

  1. Domh

    Domh Full Member

    I think it might be time to lose our connection to the old world, for good. Frankly I dont even remember the URL of that old forum. Anyhow, the thought that brought this up was:

    Everytime I look at:

    EL Moderator

    All I can think is Spanish, strong accent, puffed up chest:

    Yo soy EL MODERATOR!


    Mayhap its time to switch? The idea was to keep folks from hating the moderator and to keep things from getting ugly - very good ideas all, but with the growth of the site and the inclusion of many new forums, perhaps its time for a reconsideration of duties in the 3 forums in Global Hotspots, and a reconsideration of the need for anonymity?

  2. -Ken

    -Ken Guest


    I think to a certain extent this is happening. You will notice both Violet and I have been enlisted as moderators (I have to admit, the name leaves a bad taste in my mouth.)

    Instead of the judge, jury and executioner, I look at my position here as assistant. If there is something I can help you with, please let me know.

    Perhaps the best title for me (no disrespect intended) is I am now part of the "Please Department" and in that capacity, I have been empowered to ask anyone to "Please" stop your arguing or "Please" be more courteous and if you don't, I'm warning you, I will say "Please" again.

    So, take that, Please!
  3. bruzzes

    bruzzes Truthslayer

    A moderator is one who keeps discussions from going to extremes. This becomes necessary when emotions become impassioned.

    Maintenance of the site and responsibility for it's content is a huge task. Help is needed to share the load.

    I still believe that one is necessary on this site, despite the relative calm period we are experiencing now. The moderator should continue to remain anonymous. Any qualifier, post counts, profiles or means of identifying said person needs to be removed so that the identity of said person is not compromised.

    Although Ken's "assistant" may be appropriate in the forum he moderates, the title "moderator"should remain.

    Just my humble opinion...
  4. Domh

    Domh Full Member

    I agree a Moderator is needed in all forums, but I think its time to lose the EL.

    Thats all, for now... please...

  5. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    How About "Host" or "Forum Support"?
  6. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    Dumb ass me just though the EL was the Spanish "the".
  7. Elle

    Elle New Member

    I too have left that <b>other site</b> ... very rarely even visit any forum there.
    The moderators and their actions were one of the reasons for Ian, Jim and I to depart.
    So when we started our own site ... I was passionate that this kind of treatment would not happen on our page!

    I think Ken is right ... the mod position should be one of assistance ... which is what I try and do. I would never use my position as one of ruling or superiority.

    I have read through alot of your threads and have seen a lot of opinions posted ... but none that I took offense to. Honest open discussion ... for people and about people. Thats what a good community forum is about ... hell we can't all agree on everything. But you all here have done well at keeping things in order. You should all be very proud. I would suggest you all to keep doing just what you have been doing. I don't think the names of the moderators are necessary ... even though we do display them on Team Allegiance.

    Sometimes its best to not rock the boat!

    Just my .02 on the subject!

  8. Paladin

    Paladin Have Gun -- Will Travel

    The 'Forum Host' concept was the beginning of the end.

    Qualifications: BBS SysOp 1981-1989. Moderator Intelect BBS network ~1989-1993. Moderator DSLReports 2000-2002. Site owner DSLRetorts 2002+.


    The Site owner sets the tone: basic guidelines of how he wants his site to look/run. Writes guidelines.

    Moderators, ignoring any personal views, strive to keep the forums within the site guidelines. Ideally they are an iron fist in a velvet glove. 99% of the time they support, guide, help. The only time you notice the iron is when you try to move outside of the rules.

    Ideally, moderators are tagged without their permission. Anyone who wants to be a moderator is not qualified to be a moderator. They should accept the role as moderator only because they like the site and agree with the rules and realize that someone has to enforce them. They have the right to do nothing which is what a moderator does some 99.9% of the time. They have the right to quit. The site owner can remove the title if they abuse his trust in them.

    Moderator is a good word to describe what they do. Like the moderator rods in a nuclear reactor, not enough and you get a meltdown, too much and you get a shutdown. It's a tough job and you cannot know ahead of time if you (if asked) or a person (if asked by site owner) can handle it.

    And, as with all things in life, it will end. You will change and discover you have a life. The site will change and you will realize that you cannot support the site any longer. And the relationship will end. Hopefully with "It was a Good Ride while it lasted!"

    Helping others is enjoyable and addictive.
  9. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Now that's a perfect description, Paladin!
  10. Paladin

    Paladin Have Gun -- Will Travel

    Moderators nearly always get pegged with the title of "Damn Forum Nazi!" Usually by someone who is irate that they are required to follow the rules. Sometimes by a friend who thought being a friend of the moderator would allow them to break the rules. The moderator cloak is a heavy garment; not everyone can wear it.

    Then you get the moderators who *do* allow friends to break the rules. And if the Site Owner ignores the complaints and leaves those moderators-in-title-only in control you have no recourse except to leave.

    Moderator is an honorable title -- don't let those who have abused the title bother you.

    And while you and everybody else looks upon you as host and assistant the fact remains the you *are* judge, jury, and executioner as appointed by the Dictator (AKA site owner.) Some time in the future you will have to shoot to kill. You don't want to. You hopefully won't like it. But it will happen. If you do not shoot to kill the site will suffer -- and you have accepted that you will suffer rather than the site. It is the unpleasant part of the job. If you cannot kill, or if you find you enjoy it, the site owner *should* remove you. Otherwise... well.... you have seen the results.
  11. Paladin

    Paladin Have Gun -- Will Travel

    Took me over a half hour to compose each of the above missives. It's a subject I have strong feelings about.
  12. -Ken

    -Ken Guest


    I appreciate your advice. I think what you composed is probably the best definition of the moderator position I have ever read.

    Conversely, the concept (as I understand it) is to provide a wide open space which the members self-moderate. I'm not sure this is possible but we are giving it an attempt. The hope is that should a member "get out of line" there are several tools we can employ including condemning the thread (or parts thereof) into the UiF forum (which works amazingly well from personal experience).

    We also are hoping the membership will "correct" any "out of bounds" behavior utilizing the individual techniques we all come prepared with.

    I am intrigued by the possibilities and commend Leon for attempting this. In effect, this empowers every individual member the powers of Co-Moderator. I'm liking the equality of the idea and look forward to seeing how it will work in this very tough environment.

    I also look forward to your continued input as you seem to know a hell of a lot more than I do on the subject. Please feel free to post any specific advice you have and enjoy your newly appointed position of Co-Moderator (along with the rest of us).
  13. Techie2000

    Techie2000 The crowd would sing:

    I look at the position of moderator not so much as being the police, but the dude who keeps stuff on topic. If a subject in a thread develops a life of its own I can split it to keep the original on topic while the new thread can continue. Sometimes people are confused which forum to put their post in. The moderator can send it off to the right forum. Also I believe a moderator should have a good deal of knowledge of the subject matter of the forum. Someone that the forum members can look upto for advice...
  14. Domh

    Domh Full Member

    Shiny - read the first post in this thread. ;)

    I agree that simply 'Moderator' is perfect.

    Theres no reason to have the EL anymore.
  15. Misu

    Misu Hey, I saw that.

    Why not call it cosysop instead of moderator?

    I used to be a cosysop. It was fun :) The power...muwahahaahha
  16. Coot

    Coot Passed Away January 7, 2010

    Change it to BNASYSOP, and hmmm...let's see if we can fit a couple of more letters in for good measure ;)


    Or maybe just change it to EL Kabong...Quick Draw McGraw's Alter Ego.

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