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The elephant in the room regarding the mass shootings

Discussion in 'Society and Culture' started by Biker, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    I think someone has finally hit the nail on the head, and unfortunately, the ideas will most likely be ignored.

    Many school shooters, one common factor: a warped view of masculinity

    And the very real issue follows:

    Ding ding ding ding! We have a winner!

    I know Ethics has posted about this very topic a few times and I think we're going to find that the warped societal values for the "new man" are going to be found to be a very telling cause with this violence.
  2. Andy


    I shake my head every time the bodies aren't even counted and some asshat actor or worse, Piers Morgan starts screaming on Twitter about gun laws in a country he is not a citizen of, yet I don't see him screaming for knife/sword control in countries where just being a Christian gets your head hacked off with a rusty blade (Including his own country, btw..)

    I have yet to hear of one law that has never been broken by someone who can't give 2 shits about laws in the first place, but lets keep blaming the tool and not the hands behind them, 'casue that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside and seep better at night.
  3. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Maybe we should license men, or at least license their penises. If we license penises then we can require penis operating tests yearly, including psychological evaluations, and we can either confine men with nasty penises or at least require them to take penis suppression drugs that lower their testosterone levels to a sufficient level that they are men merely because of their genome.

    Perhaps in severe cases we can require men to have their penises removed and reconstructed as vaginas, and force them to take female hormone supplements, thus rendering them to becoming safe women.

    I am of course being facetious, silly or sarcastic. The only thing I can conclude from stating that most mass murderers are men is that men are statistically more aggressive than women. Blame evolution for that. In primitive ages it was the men who went out and killed game and protected settlements from attacks from other humans and from predators. It was women who got stuck tending the crops and gathering food and bearing children, so evolution favored aggressive men and meek, submissive women. And women got stuck with that role because they are the only gender who can bear children. They were helpless when pregnant (which was a lot of the time in prehistoric times before contraceptives were invented) and they required strong, violent men to protect them.

    It is not the fault of men that they are more violent than women. It is just a simple fact of evolution that strong, violent men fathered more children than meek, weak men. Weakness and meekness was bred out of the male genome, aggressiveness and violence were bred in, because when man was evolving those were the characteristics that were required for men to successfully pass on their genes to subsequent generations.

    So knowing men are more violent than women does absolutely nothing for us in terms of preventing mass shootings. Maybe it's an interesting statistic but it gets us nowhere.

    Besides, women are catching up to men in most areas. It wouldn't surprise me if women eventually match the violence men are capable of. Equal rights for women.

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