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Taking airmail to new heights?

Discussion in 'Society and Culture' started by Biker, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Seems Amazon's Jeff Brazos wants to use drones for speedy delivery if you live within 16 miles of a distribution center.

    While it's a novel idea, don't expect to see it within the time frame he's saying. 4-5 years? I don't see it happening at all.

    Brazos seems to think they'd be the only company wanting to do this. Even if it were so (which is highly unlikely), the controls and safeguards needed to do this aren't even available. And by the time you did add all the safety gadgets to prevent accidents, you've now made it economically impractical to do.

    File this one in the same category as Google's hands free driving. Not going to happen anytime soon regardless of what the clueless idiots think.
  2. Allene

    Allene Registered User

    I can just see them coming in from Spokane in a snowstorm just to deliver one little book to my front yard. This is ridiculous!
  3. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    I think you've covered all the problems with it and why it's never going to happen.

    1. Safety: With so much to ensure AND insure, the cost-effectiveness is out the door.
    2. FAA would never allow this. If they did, they would have to adopt all types of other business clamoring to do the same. Our skies would be filled with drones buzzing back and forth in the most consumption laden country.
    3. Is there anything you need that you must have it in 30 minutes? It used to be called the local bookstore.

    I CAN see this being used by the government for emergencies (like organ delivery) but even that is about 30 years out.

    As for Amazon itself? I used to be a big fan until recently. Now I try to patronize the local mom and pop shops.
  4. Allene

    Allene Registered User

  5. tke711

    tke711 Oink Oink Staff Member

    IMHO, he has no real intention to actually fly these things cause he knows the FAA will never approve it.

    He did however successfully dominate the media (for free) for his company during the biggest shopping weekend of the year. :)
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  6. Allene

    Allene Registered User

    Maybe that was the whole purpose! But why on earth is the Senate going to have a hearing on this? Could it be to distract from Obamacare? Don't think that will work very well. I can live without 30-minute delivery of books, thank you very much!
  7. tke711

    tke711 Oink Oink Staff Member

    Book? Those come instantly on my Kindle. Much better than drones. ;)
  8. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Bezos is no fool. He decided to get Amazon's name up there equated with quick service, just in time for the holiday gift shopping season.

    I'm sure most of the piece was fluff. He knows there's no way to get FAA approval any time soon, and that the technology has a lot of perfection to achieve before the idea could be possible.

    I heard that Congress is already holding hearings to address Amazon and the autonomous drone delivery system. I'm glad they're not wasting time discussing the budget or the national debt. We all know that Obama is going to wear the $16T national debt as a badge of honor.

    Leon, of course nobody needs anything within 30 minutes. You got Prime, right? (Me too.) You don't really need that stuff in two days do you?

    Bezos isn't selling steak. He's selling sizzle, and the sizzle has the Amazon brand stamped on it. Just in time for the holiday shopping season! :)
  9. Allene

    Allene Registered User

    Yes, I get most of mine that way too. Some nonfiction books that I need in the field of genealogy aren't available on Kindle.
  10. Allene

    Allene Registered User

    I'm still blown away that Congress is wasting time on this! They have something like a 9% approval rating right now.
  11. tke711

    tke711 Oink Oink Staff Member

    Ain't that the truth.
  12. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Congress is intent on making themselves obsolete. Obama is intent on making the Executive the only branch of government.

    I too get my books via electronic delivery, direct to my iPad and my Kindle app.

    If you want to laugh at me you can dig up my old posts about wanting the feel of real hardcover books. That was then, this is now. Now I've got ebooks, and my iPad wins hands down. The only reason I have now to buy hardcover books is when I want my own reference copies.

    I don't read fiction any more unless I can get it e delivered. I get my book within about a minute of ordering it. F*** the 30 minutes! ;)
  13. Allene

    Allene Registered User

    I remember that old thread. I still like the smell and feel of real books and go to used-bookstores sometimes, but it's just more convenient to download to Kindle.
  14. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    I read fiction on my iPad's Kindle app. When I want reference cookbooks or art books I check out a few dozen at my public library, then buy the best ones "used, excellent condition" via Amazon. I've had almost a 100% success rate with buying about 50 books and 50 CDs/DVDs via Amazon used sales. Find somebody who says "excellent condition" with 97%+ reputation and 1,000+ sales and you'll almost never get disappointed, and if you are you can just send it back.

    I'm fairly active on eBay and had thought they were a bit restrictive, I have to offer a 2 week money back guarantee to get good sales (all I lose is the outbound postage, and I get the commercial rate by printing my own postage at PayPal), but after reading the Amazon seller agreement they make eBay look like laid back.

    Gotta admit, I'm totally happy (99.7%) with both eBay and Amazon (as a buyer) and 100% happy with eBay as a seller. (I buy there too.) And I'll give Craig's List a 10 out of 10 too, pretty damned good for a free service if you have something to sell!
  15. Allene

    Allene Registered User

    I've been using Amazon for used genealogy books for years and never had any problems. Sometimes I use Powell's in Portland, OR. For some unknown reason they have on several occasions had Scottish genealogy books that I couldn't find anywhere else and at a good price.
  16. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Thrifty as a Scottsman, eh? :)
  17. cmhbob

    cmhbob Did...did I do that? Staff Member

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  18. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

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  19. Allene

    Allene Registered User

    LOL! That's funny!
  20. Copzilla

    Copzilla dangerous animal Staff Member

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