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Sweden: Rape Capital of the West

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by Greg, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    I was listening to a talk radio show today on this subject, and I was just astounded. My imagination of Sweden is a mono-cultural place of blond, hansom, beautiful people living in their own Scandinavian isolation. As I listened to the radio show I became increasingly shocked until I finally Googled "Rape Capital of the World" (the title of the talk radio segment). While I found many more recent articles, as recent as the last few weeks, I settled on this article and it blew my mind! (link)

    To me this epitomizes exactly what Obama and the liberals want for America. They want a multi-cultural utopia (IMO dystopia would be the correct word) like Europe only more so. In the article it seems clear that the Swedish are likely to become a minority in their country in, what did the article say, 15 years? And put this in the perspective of the recent Paris massacre and polls showing such a large French population in favor of or undecided about Muslims. And of course the French have accepted huge amounts of Muslim immigrants.

    I'm a bit sensitized to this issue because of a similar but different phenomenon occurring in California, where we are increasingly becoming Latino, and in fact Latinos are becoming the majority culture or will soon. I recall several years ago the forecast was "by 2049" but at least in Los Angeles it appears it's already here. (Lucky I opted to take 2 years of Spanish in high school, never mind those idiots taught me Castilian Spanish, not Mexican Spanish.) Please read
    "Mexifornia: A State of Becoming" (2007) by Victor Davis Hanson (301.450972 H251) for an increased understanding of how CA, AZ, NM and TX are becoming Mexico.

    The issues are related because they both focus on large groups of immigrants changing the culture of the destination country (state) by immigrating in such large numbers that instead of joining the culture they submerge and overtake the culture and change it into their culture. This was the premise of Hanson's book, that so many illegal immigrants from Mexico and other Central/South American countries were entering California that they had no need to assimilate OUR culture, but instead brought THEIR culture here, and are in the process of morphing our culture into their culture here!

    This is possible in California because we have so many illegal immigrants that there is no longer any need to assimilate our culture, our history, our language. There exists such large Latino communities that they have no need to learn English.

    If Obama gets his way will we begin finding cultural enclaves where Sharia law prevails instead of the U.S. Constitution?

    Terrorism isn't the only threat we face. I almost wish that it was that simple. The threat we really face is the loss of what made America great. In my opinion immigration made us great, but not floods of immigration. Rather, by limited immigration where immigrants brought their talents here and assimilated our culture and joined us. The threat we face now is having our American culture submerged into an average of everything and everyone in the world.

    When I grew up America was something special. If we just allow unlimited immigration we will end up with an average of everything in the entire world, just another average but large nation, nothing special. What we are facing is the death of our culture.
  2. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    The cultural death of the United States has already happened. Many times in the last 240 years. Culture evolves unless your country is completely isolated. Do I want Sharia law? No. Do I think that will happen? No. Do I oppose more Latino input into our culture. Not really. It will not become Latino. Our culture will evolve and include more Latino aspects than now. Many races have come and made their changes and we are better for it.

    Neither the Latinos nor the Muslims are responsible for out country's current swing to political correctness and snowflake mentality. That too shall pass and we must all hope it does not swing so far right as Trump talks about.

    The cultural change is what has made America great, not just one snapshot of its culture.
  3. Arc

    Arc Full Member

    Back circa 1993 I wrote and had published an article on illegal immigration. The following was but one section of the approximately 800-900 word article:

    Now we fast forward ahead to 2015 and the advances in technology of communication and travel. I submit that now more than ever but from the mid 20th century onward those advances dramatically change how immigrants think about the United States before they come here and once here how they assimilate and how they think about the country they now reside permanently in.

    In essence I believe that what you state is eloquent and mostly accurate or relevant. But the foundational issues you point out are not the same and the game or rules have changed. We are not, overall, becoming a better country by immigration. That stopped a long time. What has not stopped is the evolution of our society and culture. It's just that now we are disintegrating culturally and socially.

    The Great Seal of the United States has upon it the phrase, "E pluribus unum"--out of many one. That is what I believe the spirit of your fine post states. But I would counter that "E pluribus unum" has ceased to exist. Now it is no longer out of many one, instead it is out of many even more. The United States has become not THE "My country tis to be..." a single great country of diversity that it once was but instead is a divided country of clan mentality. The clans exist in forms of politics, social values, equal rights and voice, and in about in area one may choose. Right now I doubt if you could get a significant majority of US residents and citizens to even come close to a consensus of any substantive national issue. And I submit that the concept of leaving the old country behind and embracing the new country is but a shadow of itself and even the shadow is getting less with the passing of time.

    "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you could do for your country" would fall stone cold dead as a national broad rallying or inspirational phrase today. I conclude that with great regret.
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  4. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    Excellent post, Arc.
  5. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Fucken' fantastic post Arc! I couldn't have put it more perfectly, and you captured the essence of my OP/essay in perfect counterpoint!

    Myself, I was expressing the understanding I gained by reading Mexifornia: A State of Becoming by Victor Davis Hanson. His basic premise was that the Latino immigration (legal but mostly illegal) was overloading California's ability to assimilate them into becoming Americans, instead of Mexicans living in California. Due to our vast Latino culture, and due to our many Latino enclaves (ghettos), Spanish speakers find it easy to function in their ghettos without any serious need to learn English or to learn American culture. Accentuating this, Los Angeles (and many other parts of California) has a plethora of Spanish radio and TV stations, and our libraries now feature all the best sellers and a huge selection of Spanish books. Spanish news papers abound (La Opinión) abound, although they too haven't got it yet that newspapers are dead tree culture, destined to disappear shortly to be replaced by our harvest of endless digital forests.

    Several years ago when Mexifornia: A State of Becoming was published the problem in California (and presumably AZ, TX, NM, maybe FL) was an uncontrolled influx of Latinos too large to assimilate into our populations, so large they formed small Latino countries in our larger states, they became Mexicans and Ecuadorians and Costa Ricans (etc.) living in America but retaining their native language, customs and beliefs. Don't get me wrong that I disapprove of them retaining their culture, but I believe they should become Americans too, in essence they should keep their culture but enhance it by adopting our culture too!

    I want an influx of immigrants. As already said above, this cross-cultural pollination and fertilization is what has made America great. But in the past they enhanced our culture, they didn't replace our culture. There lies the problem!

    Myself, I am a great (in my own mind) cross-culturalist. I made the effort to learn Spanish because Mexico was our closest foreign language speaking country (them Canadians, they speak English, eh?). Although I enjoy American cuisine, I would drop dead in sadness if I could never enjoy Latino, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish [not the same as Mexican] and Greek cuisine. To this degree I have benefited by these cultures coming to our shores and bringing their delicious cuisines with them!

    But with the exception of Latinos they have joined our culture, probably many of them have preserved their native cultures within their families, but they have not attempted to change OUR culture.

    As Hanson pointed out, the Latinos have been the first generation of immigrants to (for whatever reason) bring their culture here and maintain it as islands separated from America. I fear that Islam will be the second culture attempting the same. At least Latinos are not so different from we mainstream Americans -- most of them are Catholic, many of us including the Irish are long established Catholics. (Meh, not me, I got my own non-conventional religious views not consistent with any religion.)

    But if you listen to the Muslim extremists, they want to bring their culture HERE, they want to replace OUR culture with THEIR culture. They want their Caliphate...

    They want to bring Sharia and Islam to the world, or kill anybody who won't accept them. Fuck that shit!
  6. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    By the way, as an afterthought, I am in culinary ecstasy as I consume my Japanese dinner of spicy tuna roll, salmon sashimi (my own recipe: raw salmon, the only secret is to get high quality sushi-grade fish and get it very cold before you cut it, then serve it with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger).

    I cook huge quantities of foreign cuisines and enjoy them all! I want them here!!! I just want them to join we Americans and become our future American heritage. I want to merge[/u] cultures, not submerge them (particularly ours).

    We have to figure this out. We Americans are the best in the world, and one of the best things we are good at is adopting the best parts of other cultures, making them our own, and rejecting the negative parts of their cultures.

    If there is any common ground between America and Islam, we will have to sort out the parts of their culture that do not violate ours, and assimilate, and we have to reject the parts of their culture (Sharia) that are counter to our beliefs and counter to our Constitution.

    One of the most amazing aspects of America is that we founded a Constitution in 1885 and for the most part almost the entirety of it still stands now 210 years later. That is simply dumfounding, and we must remember how amazing our forefathers were in inventing and refining the most amazing country in the world!

    Make no mistake about that. America is the most amazing country in the world! Obama wants to submerge that. He wants America to be "just another large country with no particular importance."

    That is what is so wrong about the liberal agenda. They want to deny our heritage. They want to deny our uniqueness, particularly in the light of our great French allies and almost parallel revolutions to modern democracies. Note that France was among US's first allies, and it is no coincidence they donated our Statue of Liberty that stands today as a symbol of our freedom.

    To quote that old aphorism: "Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it."
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  7. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Just read the OP. Nice work on research, Greg. Love how you've used non partisan sources. That's rare these days.
  8. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    I have no idea if my sources are non-partisan. The statistics looked real and I based my opinion on them. If the statistics are biased then the conclusions are biased.

    One of the strengths and weaknesses of the Internet--at the same time--is that it has done for the average person what Johannes Gutenberg did with his invention of the printing press. Before Gutenberg's press, printing books relied on hand copying and mostly the churches were the ones who had the resources (scribes) to reproduce a book. After the press was invented it opened the way for government and businesses (including newspapers) to join in printing books and other written material... Imagine the issues they faced since literacy was not as common those days as now.

    With the invention of the Internet everybody can have their own website and print their own version of the truth, whether whimsical, fantastical, fanatical, biased, lunatic or (it seems almost accidentally) based on truth and poignant analysis of reality.

    Today we are faced with a battle between blog sites which are anywhere from dead spot on based in reality to sites that are so biased and charlatanistic as to be fanciful and sometimes psychotic.

    Unfortunately the trend has continued into the MSM where many if not most media are furthering an agenda, often political. Last year or the year before we were discussing whether the MSM leaned liberal. IMO their pseudo-unbiased news coverage has shifted into the area that I often wonder if the MSM are some sort of new version of the fourth estate which is an extension of the political parties and their agenda.

    Today in my opinion I opine that Fox News Network is the sole voice of conservatism, versus all the rest of the MSM which are little better than liberal lap dogs. I offer as example the CNN Republican debates, where it seeed that the moderators sole purpose was to engage the Republican contenders into a cage fight.

    It's sad that there is no media now that is unbiased, and throwing blogs into the mix is just adding more layers of obfuscation. Personally I believe that Fox News is the closest to reality, but I'm a conservative so am I merely watching the medium which supports what I already believe? I have no claim that I am personally unbiased, nor do I need to be unbiased. I'm not reporting, I'm opining. As far as *ALL* the rest of the MSM, they might as well be funded by the Democrats... IMO.

    It saddens me that the fourth estate, the free newspapers that were encouraged by arguably our most important Amendment, the 1st which guarantees our freedom of speech. As our form of government was designed it was assumed that free dissent would guarantee the government wouldn't get away with any hidden agenda.

    Today there is no free press. There is only conservative press, liberal press (mostly) and lunatic press (mostly blogs). There is no unbiased press. There are no unbiased reporters or editors. Every medium has an agenda.

    One of my remaining idols is Sean Hannity who on very numerous occasions has stated that he is not a reporter, that he speaks from the editorial and opinion "page," and he makes no claim to be unbiased. I applaud him for his honesty in stating that he does have an agenda and it is the conservative one.

    Did I use non-partisan sources? I doubt it. I doubt there are any unbiased, non-partisan sources any more. There is only the free, everybody gets their shot at claiming the truth Internet, and there are MSM mostly liberal and a small conservative segment.

    Leon I like that you complimented me and my choice of sources, but it wasn't sarcasm then you got me this time. In any case I always enjoy your posts and the way you ferret out interesting topics to discuss.

    Personally I don't believe anything I read on the Internet unless I wrote it, and increasingly I look at what I've written and I wonder about that author too.
  9. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Was not sarcasm.
  10. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Then Leon I truly appreciate your compliment. Just like the current MSM "unbias" that as far as I can discover there are no unbiased MSM, I'm getting sort of like a kicked dog, where I wonder some times if the niceness is just some trick to get me close enough to kick again.

    This subject has me truly worried not only for the Swedish, but for what it forebodes for America. For what it has already done for Europe, particularly France.

    I can't speak for all interactions with Islam nor for all countries i.e. France, but it has not worked out well for France, and according to the article in the OP it seems to be heading for disaster for Sweden. Somehow it just explodes my brain what is happening there. Particularly after reading TGWTDT and Stieg Larsson's portrayal of their culture. (Nearest I've been is Amsterdam.) Larsson and his Blomkvist character who was really him in fictional form (a writer/publisher) w9uld have been on this story. (God, I've cried and cried and cried that Larsson died so young--and his death yet embroiled in yet another controversy. He put Sweden on my personal map. I just can't get my mind wrapped around the idea that the Swedish culture has acceded in allowing themselves to be raped by Muslim culture, in the same way that Lisbeth was raped, but on a cultural scale not a personal scale. His books haunt me. His death haunts me. What literature has lost due to his premature death haunts me. The thought that the final mostly completed novel may be yet be published some day haunts me.

    But as I alluded in my OP this presages a possible fate that is already falling on France and can be predicted to fall on Sweden -- I don't see how they can avoid the actions they themselves set in motion, probably before Islam was even on the map -- but I am glad that I've broached the subject for Americans (and perhaps for our foreign members).

    There are few things good about becoming old but some things are very comforting, including facing the consequences of events already set in motion but probably not likely to come to fruition in my lifetime. I have reasonable expectation of living another 25 years, but sadly I see every chance that if our present liberal culture and Obamaism continues, that we could invite a Swedish-like disaster on our culture too, like France is already experiencing. Oh my God I've read polls that about 1/6 of the French sympathize with Islam!

    In closing I would like to thank everybody for giving my OP serious thought. I start a lot of topics in this forum that never go anywhere. Many of them are opinion pieces, many have no news article to hang the post upon, I'm just reaching out because I feel compelled to express myself, express my concerns and worries about where America is headed, where the world is headed.

    I feel fully that the present day is similar to pre-WWI and pre-WWII in that the world is headed for a heap of Hell. I have no faith we are not on the brink of WW III, this time to be ignited in the Middle East or in events emerging from the Middle East.

    It scares the Hell out of me but what scares me more is that few people seem as scared as me. Although not religious I feel "End of Days" scenarios increasingly flashing through my mind, and I wonder if Bibilogical predictions may turn out to become truth even if not in the way the Book presents.

    Thank you all for taking my OP seriously. I hope I'm wrong but I think we are headed for serious tribulations.
  11. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    What culture are we bemoaning the disappearance of? The culture I experience in Pensacola? The experience Leon has in New York? The culture of the mountain men of Montana holed up waiting for the Feds to come? The cultures of LA ranging from the starlets to the gang members? The culture of laid back Austen and Seattle?

    I would say any of us doing a complete immersion into the other cultures would experience culture shock. I can travel to New Orleans, a mere 200 miles, and experience culture shock. I can travel east on I10 and turn south on I75 and feel like I am in another country entirely. Those different experiences are both good and bad, like experiencing Saigon or Sydney or Hong Kong.

    What has been great about our country has been the ability to live together and allow these other aspects of the American culture to be enjoyed by those who so wish. When I no longer enjoy the culture where I live I can move, I can change neighborhoods, city, or region. I can resist change where I am, I can get involved in politics and fight change. But change will come.

    The American culture cannot be one culture. We have too many origins and too many goals. There is one thing we should remember from the Crusades and the recent encroachments of radical Islam. And that one thing is that unquestioned belief in the teachings of any religion that wants annihilation of all non believers is the enemy of all mankind. Ford Lincoln Mercury said "Live and let live." I like that.
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  12. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    This is actually very profound and one huge misconception about America. That we are this massive one size fits all culture. Nothing can be father from the truth.
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  13. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    I bemoan the culture where Irish immigrated and became Irish-Americans, Italians become Italian-Americans, Germans became German-Americans. English became just Americans. If they didn't know our language or customs they assimilated them. Much to our enrichment they brought their cuisine. In many cases we already had common religions, in other cases they brought new ones, and due to our freedom of religion they were respected even though their means of worship was expressed differently. Yet they became Americans of one sort or another. They brought their languages but they learned English if that wasn't it. They brought their cultures but they integrated them with ours. They became assimilated and after 1-2 generations they became just different flavors of Americans, not transplanted foreigners.

    Today's immigrants are creating islands of their culture within our culture, insular, separated. Here in Los Angeles we have islands of Mexico; ghettos. Within them they speak only Spanish. They aren't interested in becoming mainstream American, in learning English, and in many cases not interested in learning or work ethic.

    I fear that Islam is becoming the same thing, yet somehow they have built their islands in their heads. They appear normal but inside their heads some of them are ticking time bombs. And worse, some come intendending to become ticking time bombs, willing to give their lives and explode as long as they can take as many of us with them as possible, and terrorize the rest of us.

    But getting back to your question, when I grew up in the '50s in the middle of the San Fernando Valley (Van Nuys) we often left home and didn't even lock our houses. Everybody knew everybody up and down the street. That was in the '50s-'60s, but as late as the '80s-'90s I remember friends in Bishop CA (250 miles north, rural) who still left their houses unlocked (we Southern Californians had long since given up the practice.) If I visited my Bishop friends and nobody answered the door, I walked in and made myself at home and waited for them to return.

    These days I sleep with a handgun and tactical flashlight nearby my bed, even though I live in a high class, low crime neighborhood. My neighborhood is high class, but mobility has improved and ghetto bangers head for the high class neighborhoods because that's where the good stuff is.

    America has fundamentally changed in the last 50 years. Part of it is drugs and the Mexican cartels. But that is so 20th century. Now today in the 21st century what we wonder is when terrorism will strike our schools, our shopping and government centers, and our homes and places of worship.

    That is what we lost. I miss the little island of stability between the end of WW II and the beginning of civil unrest that began in the late '60s to early '70s, and then the foreigners began coming. It was a trickle at first, then a tide, then a deluge. Now we have no idea who is coming or what their agenda is.
  14. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    We knew all our neighbors and did not lock doors when I grew up in Illinois. We also did not have internet, cable televisions and connections to the world in our pockets. I recognize that as change and I will not argue which is better but I cannot help but believe that the interconnected life has more to do with our changing culture than immigrants.

    I addressed earlier what we need to do to address the gang life. I can relate to what you and Arc post but I hope we as a society address those issues.
  15. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    One thing for sure, we won't ever go back to leaving our doors unlocked. Even with living in a prestigious neighborhood with our contracted private patrol and frequent L.A. Sheriff patrols I still sleep with my loaded weapons and tactical flashlights handy. LEO can only show a presence, and respond when called. Like they say, if 911 doesn't work, try 1911.

    This Islam thing has us all over the line. I'm glad they aren't into house burglaries and house invasions. I'm safe from them at home, and I rarely go into public spaces, not because I'm afraid but rather because there is just no need in my lifestyle regarding other than occasional visit to public space.

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