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Supreme Court Sets Historic Showdown For Health Law

Discussion in 'Society and Culture' started by ethics, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Arc

    Arc Full Member

    Roberts’ decision is so egregious that it has triggered something that is unprecedented at the US Supreme Court. That “something” is the leaks coming from within the court itself. Those leaks express displeasure within the court toward Roberts’ and his decision. Those leaks can only be coming from some of the justices themselves. Unheard of until now!

    Roberts didn’t just constitutionally validate the Health Care legislation he rewrote it! That is lunacy.

    The law specifically says the mandate is a “penalty” not a tax. In the earlier drafts of the bill in the congress it was written as a tax but then decided that making the mandate a tax was so onerous to most or improper for various reasons that it should be made a penalty instead of a tax. In other words congress in its bill specifically said the “penalty” not a tax.

    It is totally disingenuous for Roberts to label the mandate a tax.

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