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Discussion in 'Bits & Bytes' started by Biker, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Thanks 60f9! :)

    I think I'm a bit more secure than most people running NAS. First of all I have 3 NAS drives (Western Digitial MyBookLive 3TB, 3TB RAID, 4TB RAID) and only the 3TB is cloud enabled. I put nothing on that drive except entertainment stuff, NOTHING sensitive. I know if you can access it from the Internet there is always a chance that a vuln will enable access to everybody/anybody. Worst case: they might be able to watch my videos or listen to my music.

    Second, I have TWO routers, different brands. My ISP standard service includes a WiFi router but I didn't like their router and I was very happy with my router, and I had my whole intranet set up very nicely. I would have had to set up dozens of devices to move over to their router.

    Much easier, I just configured their router to to not interfere with my typical 192.168.1.* setup, and then I jacked my router into their router. So anybody who wants to get into my 3TB and 4TB RAID drives has to get round my ISP's router, my own router, and WD's NAS operating system.

    So I'm in the situation that they have to crack 3 operating systems to breach my security.

    Thanks for the iPhone advice Andy. I haven't connected any of my iDevices to iTunes in several months or a year. I'm happy with my music collection and I don't store video on my devices. I have a static collection of images on my iPad too but nothing to lose.

    I think I'll try your advice and backup everything from my iPhone via iTunes, and then go for the update and see if I like it. I probably will, but I just hate to meddle with stuff that is working fine.

    Like they say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
  2. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    The NAS drives are vulnerable. If they're viewable on the outside, someone can get in. Easily. VERY easily.
  3. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Well like I said, my NAS is behind 2 routers, and the 2 NAS servers with sensitive data are not enabled to serve to the Internet, only the one NAS with no sensitive data is enabled.

    There is a good reason I don't enable the two critical NAS servers and you named it.

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