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Proxomitron... Now what?

Discussion in 'Bits & Bytes' started by BigDeputyDog, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. BigDeputyDog

    BigDeputyDog Straight Shootin Admin Staff Member

    I have proxomitron and have no idea what it does or how to use it... LOL

    I clicked a link I saw in a post... it lead to another link... when I tried closing the 2nd link, page after page after page of windows opened up with new URLs...

    Question is... Is proxomitron supposed to stop this?? If so, how do I set it up??

    Thanks to all in advance... :)

    BDD... :{)
  2. immortal one

    immortal one 501st Geronimo

    These should answer any questions you may have about the Proxo.


  3. jamming

    jamming Banned

    http://www.computercops.biz there are several forums over there that can suggest ways to configure your Proxo, including one by the program creator.
  4. Sunriser13

    Sunriser13 Knee Deep in Paradise

    BDD, until you get Proxo configured the way you want it, here is an excellent little pop-up stopper, FreeSurfer, and it is freeware:


    It works beautifully for me...
  5. Twingo

    Twingo Registered User

    Or you could just use Mozilla which has the pop up blocker built right in :) Weee

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