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Partial Transcript from Flight 587

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by ethics, Oct 29, 2002.

  1. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    This is just friggin sad. It's one of the most depressing transcripts I've read in a while. This is the Airbus 300-600 crashing into the Belle Harbor section of Queens last Nov. 12

    Partial transcript from the cockpit voice recorder of American Airlines Flight 587, from the National Transportation Safety Board. The people recorded are American Airlines Capt. Edward States and co-pilot Sten Molin.

    9:15:48:2--Molin: Two fifty, thank you (reference to air speed)

    9:15:51:8--(Sound of a thump)

    9:15:52.3--(Sound of click)

    9:15:52:9--(Sound of two thumps)

    9:15:54:2--Molin: Max power (spoken in strained voice)

    9:15:55.0--States: You all right?

    9:15:55.3--Molin: Yeah, I'm fine.

    9:15:56.3--States: Hang onto it, hang onto it.

    9:15:56.6--(Sound of snap)

    9:15:57.5--Molin: Let's go for power please.

    9:15:57.7--(Sound of loud thump)

    9:15:58.5--(Sound of loud bang) Note: NTSB believes this is where tail fin broke off.

    9:16:00.0--Molin: (Sound similar to human grunt)

    9:16:00.2--(Roaring noise starts and increases in amplitude.)

    9:16:01.0--Molin: Holy (expletive).

    9:16:01.0--(Sound similar to single ECAM chime, which is a warning signal indicating the pilot must pay attention to the electronic controls.)

    9:16:04.4--(Sound similar to stall warning. Repetitive chime for 1.9 seconds, which indicates an emergency.)

    9:16:06.2--(Roaring noise decreases and ends.) Note: Indicates air rushing against aircraft.

    9:16:07.5--Molin: What the hell are we into (inaudible). We're stuck in it.

    9:16:07.5--(Sound similar to continuous repetitive chimes for one second.)

    9:16:09.6--(Sound similar to continuous repetitive chimes for three seconds.)

    9:16:12.8--States: Get out of it! Get out of it!

    9:16:14.8--End of recording. End of transcript.

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