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Oh my God, I found out I'm a conservative.

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by -Ken, Nov 16, 2002.

  1. -Ken

    -Ken Guest

    Yesterday, President Bush and I agreed on something for probably
    the first time ever.

    Today I find out I am in agreement with the Bible Belt activists who
    are trying to put an end to capital punishment! Read all about it here.

    Should this trend keep up, I expect I will be announcing the engagement
    of Haywire and I. Expect a Spring wedding.

    Tough luck RRedline!
  2. bruzzes

    bruzzes Truthslayer


    Just a passing ailment...

    Take two asprin and call Hillary in the morning!
  3. Domh

    Domh Full Member

    Before the 'social revolution' of the 60s ruined the country, Vermont was the most staunch bedrock of progressive republican politics in the country.

    Then the hippie flood heading for Canada stopped before the border and set down roots - the beginning of the end for Vermont.

    Now, thanks to liberal policy, I cannot move back to my home state to setup a business. That lovely act 250 will cost me a couple hundred grand and about 2 years of redtape.

    No wonder business is leaving Vermont - the state simply makes it as hard as possible to do business in Vermont, and almost impossible to start one.

    There are many flavors of political thought, and it is idiotic to limit oneself to a chocolate of vanilla.

    Ive always loved Vermonts tradition of centrist poilitics, socially liberal, understanding that the state is there to help when help is truly needed, but fiscally sensible - not throwing money away for no reason, spending wisely, governance with BALANCE, a word that in these modern times may as well be aramaic.

    Ken - you and haywire would make a lovely couple. I INSIST on being the worst-man.

  4. -Ken

    -Ken Guest


    A lot has changed in a short period here.

    The Vermont you mention is very much alive and well. As you know,
    the section I live in should very well be a different state.

    Today is the first day of deer season.
    This means several things. It is not safe to walk anywhere in the woods
    for the next two weeks. If you have a dog, it's best to keep them inside
    or at the very least, tie a bright bandana to your dog's collar.

    A fair portion of the men have disappeared to "Hunting Camp" which in
    some cases is every bit charming as it sounds. Speaking of cases, the local
    general store has a pile of Budweiser you would have to see to believe. There's
    nothing I enjoy more to see people picking up the ammunition and several cases
    of beer at the same time. It's amazing more people don't get shot around here.

    A tradition here is for men to stop shaving until they bag a deer. Some seem to
    include bathing in the directive.

    Another tradition around is provided to keep "the women folk" happy is the night
    before hunting season starts, the Chippendale Dancers are imported for quite a show.
    I'm told they drew 165 women to the show last night. I wonder what they all did after
    the show?

    Starting today, we will also see deer everywhere. There are several weigh in stations
    and people will have them in the back of their pickups, tied to the hoods and trunks of
    their cars and hanging from trees in front of their houses.

    We had an instance four years back, where two gentlemen from CT shot a Jersey cow,
    gutted it, loaded it into their truck and proudly brought it to the weigh in station. I believe
    it cost them $850 which really isn't too bad if you break it down by the pound!

    One final thing, starting a business here is difficult. The state has always been protective
    of anything, which might ruin the natural beauty. One the other side of the coin, if you can
    formulate a plan, which has low environmental impact, is fiscally sound and needs financing,
    there's a ton of money to get you started up here, if you want it.

    The local business redevelopment groups are very active. Since this is an economic disaster
    area, there is also Federal money. Land in inexpensive (well under $1,000/acre) in bulk, the
    labor rate is low (automobile dealers charge $34/hour for labor rates) and he quality of life is
    exceptional (depending on how you define it).

    This place isn't perfect. No place ever is or could be. One's that approach it generally get
    overbuilt and go downhill fast. I'm sorry you have chosen NH as a place to locate. The state
    has its share of problems. No matter how you slice it, they must raise taxes and they will also
    face challenges to the way the fund schools.

    But perhaps the worst part of what you said is the fact Vermont won't have someone of your
    caliber to help shape the State's future or build a business here. That is NH's gain and Vermont's
    loss and I am sorry for that.
  5. Domh

    Domh Full Member

    I remember well the bone-head flatlanders who bagged a cow. Im still laughing to this day.

    Good post, Ken - good points. I maintain that Vermont is NOT what it used to be, and is in dire straits, but I will fight damn hard to get back and get a business going, and then...

    Im running for Legislature, and I expect your vote, even if I run as a Republican!

    You heard it here first.

  6. jamming

    jamming Banned

    Man you better stop posting here cause I am going to archive all your posts and sell them to your opposition ;)
  7. Coot

    Coot Passed Away January 7, 2010

    Ken, I don't think you're becoming conservative....it's probably just gas...it will pass.
  8. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    Don't fall for it, he is just trying to push the rest of us right until we fall offffffffffffffffffffffffffffff<small>ffffffffffffffffff</small>
  9. DSL Dan

    DSL Dan Registered User

    I just checked at weather.com but there's no report of hell freezing over. There goes my only explanation for -Ken's epiphany. :haha:
  10. RRedline

    RRedline Veteran MMember

    Don't worry, my homo/poly group is lobbying for threeway marriages. Maybe we can all three be husbands to each other. I get to sleep in the middle of the bed! Sorry, HaYwIrE, I called it first. ;)

    Trust me Ken, this doesn't make you conservative. I feel that anyone who considers him or herself strictly conservative or strictly liberal is strictly an airhead. How can anyone always be for not changing or always be for change? I take each issue one at a time. Sometimes I'm all for changing something(liberal), and sometimes I'm all for keeping it as is(conservative). Does that make me moderate or something else? I don't even care because I get tired of labels. I'm anti-label. And yes, I am aware that that is a label...I was just trying to be funny. :)
  11. -Ken

    -Ken Guest

  12. Attila

    Attila Registered User

    Ken, I don't know what part of Vt you live in, but it has to be underground. You sound like one of those New Jersey types who come to VT and expect to find what they left.
    There are a lot of folk who hunt deer for the venison which they use as a cheap source of meat. Personally, I hate the stuff, so I quit hunting deer and just shoot the vermin.
    Act 250 was intended as a way to keep VT beautiful Ie: no NJ sprawl, and we ALL liked the idea. Then your left wing hippies took over and turned into a morass of bureaucratic crap. There are now five areas run by unelected idiots who make up any rule they can think of, and it's instant law. Examples: what color wastebaskets you can have, what type of pullchain you may use on your lights, etc.
    Businesses are leaving like rats from the Titanic, and the jobs are leaving with them. We are rapidly becoming a state with no tax base except the poor bastards who live here because they can't afford to move, and you liberals who don't care squat about the aforementioned poor bastards.
    I love this state. I chose to live here because of the wonderful people, and the freedom I had growing up here. It's going into the dumper rapidly, and that is a darn shame.
  13. HaYwIrE

    HaYwIrE Banned

    Liberals have a tendency to do that everywhere they go. ;)
  14. -Ken

    -Ken Guest


    As the uncontested two time winner of the prestigious "I don't know my ass from a
    hole in the ground when it comes to manners." I'd like to welcome you to this forum.

    While I don't know this for sure but some helpful person told me it is customary for
    new members to read a post or two before deciding how to respond to a thread.

    For example, we are in agreement on several issues. There are very serious economic
    problems in this state. The business climate is much less friendly than New Hampshire
    or Massachusetts, where I am originally from.

    I moved my family here almost ten tears ago and while I will never be considered a
    Vermonter, I own a house, a growing business and I am the only supplier of high
    speed internet in this area.

    For the record, I have no problem with hunting but question whether we shouldnt legislate
    the blood alcohol level for people carrying rifles much as we do for driving. I have no love
    for Act 250 but applaud the spirit it was put in place for. And, I'll be damned if I'll let anybody
    but my wife dictate to me what color wastebasket I will use.

    I would also like to address the overused line about out-of-staters coming to <i>your</i> state looking
    for everything they left behind. I didn't leave where I used to live because I loved it, I came here
    because I like what is here. I don't want to change anything other than working to make this a
    better place to live. I have yet to find issue with anyone who is working to improve the problems
    you discussed. I would like to think we could do this together.

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