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ODP Daily Terrorism Update Newsletter

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by Advocat, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. Advocat

    Advocat Viral Memes a Speciality Staff Member

    Those who would like to keep track of public news stories on terrorism may be interested in the Office of Domestic Preparedness (ODP) and their daily Terrorism News Update, culled from public news sources around the globe.

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    01/10 (The Washington Times) Television sets suddenly turning on in the
    middle of the night, Internet messages or nontraditional telephone rings may
    be the next way Americans are alerted by the government they are under
    attack by terrorists.

    01/10 (The Washington Times) A financial-crimes task force that has targeted
    terrorists' efforts to raise illicit cash expanded operations yesterday to
    more than a dozen U.S. cities and outposts in Europe and the Middle East in
    what was described as a major crackdown on international terrorism.

    01/10 (BBC) Thousands of immigrants in the United States are rushing to
    comply with a deadline to register with authorities under anti-terror laws
    introduced following the 11 September attacks.

    01/10 (The Washington Post) The head of the Transportation Security
    Administration moved yesterday to block attempts to unionize as many as
    56,000 airport screeners, saying granting them collective bargaining rights
    could jeopardize national security.

    01/09 (Kennett Paper) Within the next year-and-a-half, Kennett Square and
    other municipalities in the nation will have to assure the federal
    government that their drinking water supplies are safe from terrorists under
    the Homeland Security Act of 2002.

    01/09 (CNN) At least four people were killed and 15 injured on Thursday when
    suspected leftist rebels detonated a car bomb near a town where U.S. Special
    Forces are due to train Colombian troops, officials said.


    01/10 (CNN) A baggage handler arrested at a Paris airport with an alleged
    stash of guns and explosives was the victim of a set-up, police said.

    Middle East

    01/10 (MSNBC) A leader of the militant Palestinian group Hamas urged Iraq on
    Friday to use suicide bombers to confront any U.S. military offensive.


    01/10 (Sydney Morning Herald) Would-be terrorists linked to Jemaah Islamiah
    (JI) conducted training at properties in the Blue Mountains and Western
    Australia and targeted university students as prime recruits.

    01/10 (Sydney Morning Herald) A radical Muslim cell in Singapore planned to
    use suicide bombers to detonate up to six explosive-laden trucks parked
    nearby strategic targets that included the Australian High Commission, an
    official report has revealed.

    01/10 (AP) Fears of chemical or biological terrorist attacks in Australia
    have driven up sales of protective suits and masks, store owners said

    01/10 (MSNBC) Investigators interrogated two foreign al Qaeda suspects on
    Friday after freeing seven Pakistanis who shared the house where they were
    seized on the outskirts of Karachi, officials said.


    01/10 (AP) Six weeks after terrorists launched attacks on an Israeli hotel
    and airliner, information deeply troubling to Kenya and its Western allies
    keeps surfacing: some suspects were homegrown militants -- born, raised and
    radicalized in Kenya.
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    Wow, nice. Now if we can pick and choose WHAT we want the topic to be, that would be even better. :)

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