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NYT is Shit

Discussion in 'Society and Culture' started by ethics, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    There, I said it. I can't believe it's the same paper I've loved in the nineties. It's stopped trying to hide it's bias in almost every article.

    First we have this from Politico (hardly Left) site:

    Rep. Peter King slams New York Times: 'Apologists for terrorists' - POLITICO.com

    And then Taki rips them for a different matter. This was a story that was EVERYWHERE in NYC. Liberals lost their shit... Well, Taki does a good job telling you why, without the THINK OF THE POOR CHILDREN!

    All the News Their Bias Allows - Taki's Magazine
  2. Allene

    Allene Registered User

    YES! !!!! Maybe it'll start happening this year.

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