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nod update 01-20-2003

Discussion in 'Bits & Bytes' started by claire, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. claire

    claire Registered User

    NOD32 - v.1.349 (20030120)
    Virus signature database updates:
    IRC/KarmaHotel.A, Win32/AntiPC.10, Win32/Backlash.101, Win32/Backstabb.10, Win32/Belang.12, Win32/ColdDeath.10, Win32/DTR.15.F, Win32/GlobalKiller.10, Win32/Guptachar.20, Win32/Massaker.12, Win32/MSN.Broomops.62, Win32/MSN.Broomops.63, Win32/NuclearPrank.A, Win32/Optix.50, Win32/Pandora.18, Win32/Peeper.15, Win32/Pestdoor.31, Win32/Pestdoor.40, Win32/Piratbar.10, Win32/PPCore.01, Win32/PRbot.100, Win32/Provder.L, Win32/Prvsys, Win32/PSW.MSN.Faker.G, Win32/PSW.Vorbeld.B, Win32/Ptakks.2_11, Win32/Spy.ApiKey.A, Win32/Spy.VB.G, Win32/Tourniq.10.B, Win32/VB.EM, Win32/WinMX.10

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