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Nod update 01-10-2003

Discussion in 'Bits & Bytes' started by claire, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. claire

    claire Registered User

    NOD32 - v.1.344 (20030110)
    Virus signature database updates:
    Win32/DeepThroat.G, Win32/Delf.AW, Win32/Delf.CA, Win32/Delf.CG, Win32/Delf.CH, Win32/Delf.CJ, Win32/Delf.CK, Win32/Delf.CL, Win32/Delf.CN, Win32/Delf.CO, Win32/Delf.CP, Win32/Delf.CQ, Win32/Delf.CR, Win32/Delf.CS, Win32/Delf.CT, Win32/Delf.DH, Win32/Delf.DK, Win32/Dewin.I, Win32/Dindang.10, Win32/DriveTheBus.10, Win32/DTR.142.C, Win32/ExploreZip.I, Win32/ExploreZip.J, Win32/FallingDoor.11, Win32/Sobig.A

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