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No Man's Sky

Discussion in 'PC/Console Gaming' started by Biker, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. Andy


    A few Foundation patch thoughts.

    They revamped a LOT and took sometime to get used to the changes, those coming in fresh/new will only have to learn the new ways, for me, re-learning was tough.

    It appears that the "simple" grind of searching for crashed ships to upgrade was changed, you now need to have at least learned from the Base building quests the ability to mine with an advanced mining laser for advanced minerals and create your own beacons to aid in searching for structures. The older beacons out in the wild you needed a bypass chip for were removed.
    The beacon you create is multi-use, can be tracked from space, and can be broken down and removed as well.

    And apparently gone are the older outposts you could land at and trade, interact with an NPC to level up their language/faction and get a new multitool. (At least I haven't see one one yet in a week, they used to be literally everywhere and discoverable with a scan)
    Trade Outposts still exist but appear to be less frequent, and on some smaller moons, non-existent, these used to be all over as well, and could be predictable to find by flying in a path using the last 2 as a bearing.

    Other structures such as observatories and transmission beacons to find crashed ships) still exist too..

    When scanning planets from space, it will give you a short list of minerals available,
    The exotic one shown is a clue as to the type of planet before you even land (YAY!!!) .

    Examples in chart I found:

    NMS Planet Resources.png

    So far my hardest element to find is Rigogen, it is only under water, but seems to require DEEP water, the shallow water moon I am on and made my base at has very minimal deposits.

    I'm building a base the hard way, via the Normal mode, which requires tons of resources and to learn all the recipes and finish the quests.. Good news is that you can craft your own grow-op and literally farm harder to find mats right in your base (once you learn it and track down them first to use for seeding)

    You can also craft storage lockers (up to 10) that hold 5 slots worth of items (1000 each slot)

    In Creative mode, it lets you do everything with no limits or resources required which is where those awesome pics are coming from around teh inner tubes.

    Also someone has found in the game files that personal LAND BUGGYS are in there for crafting and possibly coming soon.

    Getting your own freighter (for a cost) is also a big help, you stat with a 13 slot ship, and can upgrade each time you find a new one/captain but you must pay each time, the final step apparently is over 100 Million credits,

    Yu can lug around more stored items (1000 per slot vs 500 in ship or 250 in suit) You can summon it in space where ever you are, dock in it, create a save point in it and log off, and prior to yesterday's patch (1.12) people were able to glitch it one sit on the planet.
    You can't however pilot it anywhere, only call it once you visit a new system.

    I broke down my base and moved it to a better Paradise moon, it returned all basic mats, but not some of the unique ones I needed to create special rooms/items. It places them in a special holding locker in the Home room of your new base.
    My items in a storage locker however, were only retrievable once I recreated new storage lockers.

    Some mats used as fuel/power sources were changed as well, in a way for the better, Iron is readily available in asteroids for drive fuel in space, and the red isotopes needed for other power is on the ground consistently.

    What has been "harder" to find is items needed for warp fuel, but if you save a freighter being attacked in space, the captain gives you some, or it can be found in a trade hub occasionally.

    One new mechanic that is awesome, once you have a base, then visit a space station, you can portal between the 2, no cost, and your ship comes too.
    Aides in leapfrogging across to the center and be able to go back home for free, then go right back and pick up in your journey. It only appears to remember the last few stations you recently teleported back from.

    Bottom line, I liked this game before the update patch, now it's gotten a ton better.
  2. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    I will start playing this game soon.

    Any basic advice?
  3. Andy


    There is no tutorial.

    Prepare to die. A lot.

    Gather everything as you go until you can figure out what you don't need a ton of, because the one thing you wil need a ton of you ran past and now can't find again

    If anything run in normal mode first to get the hang of it as it does have some breadcrumb quests to get you moving towards getting a ship repaired and leaving your planet.
    You can also do creative mode now to just run around and build for free. Survival is guaranteed insta-death for new players.

    Upgrade suit slots every chance you get at drop the pods or in the space stations, more slots = more capacity = more survival.

    Once you get the chance to build a base, do so and do the quests to get better recipes learned for better weapon, suit and ship upgrades.

    Learn the ability to make beacons as soon as possible (from base quests) These will allow you to find places to go on a planet and once built and used you can "unbuild" them back

    Have a plan and stick to it.

    Mine was to get max 48 slot ship, finish the Atlas quest line and get to the center.Still getting towards center, only another ~100 jumps left to go. (I can do 1-2 a good day)
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  4. Andy


    I finally found yesterday when looking for ship repair parts, they nerfed/changed how to hunt ships to repair/upgrade.

    Only way to find ships now,:
    1. scan from space when you enter a system, and get lucky and find a transmission tower. (You only get 2-3 scans every 20 or so minutes)
    2. scan with your personal beacon and look for shelters that have an alien life form, get lucky that at this installation it finds also includes a transmission tower.

    As you go, keep rare "green" items from ships that stack to 5 in your ship (or 10 in freighter/cargo box at base) you will need 10 of some of these to craft the higher end mods for your ship and multitool.
    Worry about getting a 'cool" ship until you hit max 48 slots, it's less work not being OCD and repairing everything along the way.
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  5. Andy


    Scratch that, the only way to find the small outposts that have an alien and you an land on a landing platform to save takeoff fuel and sell items at are found by using the tall tower beacons you see in the wild, they are 99% of the time down in a hole/crater and can be seen if you continually scan when flying close to the surface.
    Land next to one and jump/jetpack down and back up again.

    Your beacon has a chance to show you a trading post (search outposts) which is the YUGE trading tower/platforms with multiple landing pads and a trade station. These can also be scanned from space when you land in a new system and come in handy to get in the habit of finding these first to land and discover a planet, the sentinels will not attack you on these if they happen to be set to aggressive or higher.

    One thing I can't emphasize enough, is to get your Atlas pass V1 as soon as possible to unlock the ability to search loot crates these will yield high dollar items and also mats to make warp fuel. It is no longer needed though to get in the first room of space stations where the new teleport back to base is.

    Get it by visiting a space anomaly after hitting milestone 3 of meeting alien lifeforms.

    AtlasPass V1 - No Man's Sky Wiki

    V2 and V3 come in handy getting into the rest of the space station side rooms as well as outpost side rooms, these contain lots of mats and FREE things to sell as well, along with various wall-mounted reward vending machines.

    Other items/blueprints Polo gives you after completing milestones (in the order he rewards them, he will not go to the next in the list until you complete these in order!)

    Polo - No Man's Sky Wiki

    And yes, I completed them all.. :runningidiot-39:
  6. Andy


    I'm still playing this daily.

    Today they hot dropped the new patch, the Pathfinder update.

    Path Finder Update : No Man's Sky

    I lost a couple of small abilities for weapons and ship damage dealing, but were replaced with better options to be had.

    New vehicles, and a ton of other additions.

    So far I have about an hour into it and I had to log off, there was just way too much to see at once.

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  7. Andy


    On PS4 the new graphics tweaks make this game even more amazing.

    Now that it has PS4 Pro support, I cant help but covet one now :p
  8. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Happy... I have the game but no time to play it. :( ALthough I have a sickness as I am replaying a Dark Side Assassin on SWTOR>
  9. Andy


    NMS finally dripped out more info from their tight-lipped lead developer regarding their next expansion.

    No Man's Sky NEXT will be released this summer and include now XBox One support.

    No Man’s Sky is getting its biggest update yet this summer alongside Xbox One launch

    I still play every day just about and still love the game.

    Can't wait to see what's NEXT. ( I just got it when I was typing this...)
  10. Andy


  11. Andy


    There's a YouTuber I follow, CobraTV who has been a champion of this game for a long time, he's actively trying to reach out to the XBox community and give them real-time info on NMS that apparently, places like Gamestop don't have or want to learn and are still basing their opinions on what the game was on day one, over 2 years and 3 major updates (with a 4th on deck) under its belt.

    20 years from now, when people wonder why brick and mortar game stores finally went the way of the Dino, we can look back on things like this.

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