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No Man's Sky

Discussion in 'PC/Console Gaming' started by Biker, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Most of the negative reviews I've read are from those who I think are frustrated in not being able to burn through the game in a matter of hours.

    I've always looked at this game as something I can get lost in by exploring and crafting. Even now, I have no intention of following the game's goal of reaching the center of the universe. I still look forward to eventually getting my grubby hands on it and having a ton of fun.
  2. Andy


    I'm in the same boat.

    The irony here is they wrote/coded it to meet the tech demographic of that cutting edge/always has the best equipment player who would burn through it in hours and toss it aside with a "this sucks" comment on youtube, and the people who would really enjoy it the most are standing at the start of the line to the ride looking waaaay up at the "You must be THIS tall to ride this ride" sign.
  3. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Yep. And it's this game that will in most likelihood, force me to break down and buy a console as it'll be a lot cheaper than purchasing a new computer. :yellowlaugh:
  4. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

  5. Andy


    Well.... I have ~5 hours logged so far, and omg is this game built just for a player like me.

    Been a long time since I got so wrapped up in a game I lost track of time.
  6. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    On PS4?
  7. Andy



    No mods available like on PC but still a challenge.

    I got killed last night by my first pirate horde in space and woke up in the space station. Lost my ship cargo and any progress i did not upload to Atlas yet.

    Still trying to get the hang of the controller, never played console before.
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  8. Andy


    After a few nights of playing, I'm getting the hang of it.

    First thing about this game, there is NO tutorial.

    It literally drops you in a crashed ship, with broken tools/ship and lets you try and fend for yourself and learn how to play as you go.

    So far I've died 3 times, all at the hands of pirates in space. I found out later that if you die this way you can fly back out from the station and"find" your grave in space and collect most of your things the ship dropped, but not all or sometimes none at all if the Pirates take it.

    While following the Atlas quest path, I finally found a decent planet full of resources, no wildlife or serious toxic environments trying to kill me every 5 minutes, (aside from the occasional storm which gets your heart pumping to seek shelter or make sure you have enough resources to recharge on the fly)

    I think I'm going to stay here a while and"level up" which consists of the following:

    1. Finding outposts with a landing pod which contains a enviro-suit slot upgrade (default 12-max 48)
    2. Finding crashed ships to upgrade into and get 1 more slot available for cargo (default 12-max 48)
    3. Finding trading posts to be able to sell your gathered goods for credits, which are mainly used for 2 things, buying a new upgraded ship or buying an upgraded multitool (default 10? max 24)

    I was lucky enough to buy a ship off of an NPC in a space station quite cheap that got me up to 16 slots (from a default ship 12) and an NPC I ran into had helped gave me a decent multi-tool upgrade as well as a reward.

    4. You also explore for knowledge stones to learn languages, as well as find cargo drops to get recipes to upgrade your ship/tools as well. Every crashed ship you find has a potential of being 1 slot more than what you currently have, but you must repair it with resources. I keep a stack of 5 basic ones now at all times on me and rest in my ship. If you are within range you can transfer goods back and forth to it.

    I found that if you use a beacon it will show you 1 of 4 different categories of local things to find, heading off in that path in your ship you also discover smaller unknown spots along the way.

    Every stop is a potential to gather something good or upgrade/learn more.

    I'm going to hang here on this planet long enough to get a better ship (~30 ish for now) as well as upgrade my ship for space combat to better survive pirates before heading out into space again.

    I can see why it got so much hate, it's not for the FPS crowd at all. It's a slow burner game that makes you think.
  9. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Ill wait a few months. The great thing about PS4 games is that they go down in price very fast in months and that's when I snag them. All kinks are usually worked out by then as well. :)

    Keep these write ups coming though. :)
  10. Andy


    Got hopped up on cough syrup after work and got stupid.

    Took a chance and left my large "too hot" planet, (~45C and filled with creatures that would get aggressive sometimes ) and shot off next door to the next sized planet.

    This was was waaay too cold, even with all 3 thermal assists installed, temp was ~-128C I was dropping life support pretty damned quick, was there a whole 10 min.

    Taking advantage of the fact I had another save left before I could not roll back to my first planet that was a tad warm, I shot off to the nearest moon (Because I always hear on Reddit to always check out moons) around the frozen planet, and in true Goldilocks fashion, this one is just right.

    No wild animals, temperate weather with occasional hot storm that I can handle with installed mods, sentinels are on LOW status, plenty of minerals and plants to harvest.

    And being it's a small moon, much easier to get around looking for crashed ships.

    I still have mapped though one of my previous planets in my last system, it was a very comfortable place, no animals, and had tons of Vortex cubes laying around.

    These are good farming for cash, but the sentinels want to kill you every time you pick one up with a level 3 wanted status. (2 drones and a small walker drone)

    Trick is to land close, grab and take off in your ship to drop aggro from them after a minute.

    They were going on the market for around 30,000 a pop, got my first million that way.
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  11. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Nice... Sounds like you are enjoying yourself.
  12. Andy


    It's going ok so far.

    Been off of work the last few days.

    Worked my way through where I only need to earn enough cash to buy my last suit slot, after that the only thing to really spend money on is the rare crafting item off the market or get enough (~30-40 million) to upgrade to max slot ship with no work.

    I'm up to a 28 slot ship so far, going to try and tough it out until I can find up to a 30 slot then move on to the next system.

    Some screenshots of a really cool ship I found (and only had for a few hours before I upgraded again) and what the inventory system looks like, I've since gotten up to 47 slots in my suit and 28 slot ship and maxed out my multi-tool at 24.

    My only real problem with the game so far is the lack of common sense crafting/storage that would allow you to stack multiple items you can craft, like the warp cells below or other items needed to craft ship/tool mods. (I hear that is coming in the future?) there is a workaround that exploits a bug but it's a pain in the ass to try and recreate to stack crafted items and only works when you break down an installed module. with only 1 open inventory slot.

    I took these a few days ago at a trading post landing site before I spent all my credits upgrading my exo-suit slots.

    No Man's Sky_20160930151934.jpg

    No Man's Sky_20160930151858.jpg

    No Man's Sky_20160930151821.jpg
  13. Andy


    Worked my way up so far to a 41 slot ship today, found a very temperate planet full of mats, and not inclined to kill me every 30 seconds.

    Found a neat tip to tracking down crashed ships.

    Using the orange "light saber" beacons that litter nearly every camp, craft a bypass chip one a a time, use the beacon, search for "transmission" only.
    This will show you one of 3 things, an Observation station, (skip it) a Beacon (skip it) and a Transmission Tower. ( GO HERE!) Leaving the other unvisited will aid in dead reckoning as there is no real compass in game.(more later)

    Transmission towers will show you (only once) the location of a crashed ship. Once you recognize a Transmission Tower building you can visit them whilst flying over without a breadcrumb to go there, but again, these will only work once per planet. "save" at the local beacon to mark it as visited and the icon will turn grey for the camp.

    After visit the tower, you have to solve a puzzle, nearly al of them are math related.
    You need to figure out the math pattern, such as 2-4-8-16-32-?

    Many of them are based on increments or multiples of 9, or by adding the last number plus the previous number minus 1, or a simple number pattern that repeats.

    Once you fly to the ship it shows you the location of, it will either be a slot less than what you have, or a slot more.
    1 less slot, transfer over to the new ship, disassemble everything plus the kitchen sink and transfer back to your previous ship and sell the surplus at a trading post.

    Once more slot, disassemble everything in your current ship, transfer over all goods to the new one and repair the new ship (it always needs to be repaired!) and fly off to rinse and repeat.

    Inventory management is still my biggest peeve in this game, the more slots I have in a ship, the more things that need to be salvaged and repaired in the next ship.

    This leads to a lot of decisions as to what gets dumped behind due to lack of space, especially when an item that needs repairing requires 4 metal sheets. You need those 4 empty slots free in order to craft the sheets first. I find repairing other things first that use mats you already have will slowly free those slots up, but still, it's not as intuitive as it should be (stacking 10 - 20 of the same mats you need to craft in 1 slot)

    Nearly every ship you find crashed needs something repaired, usually shields and propulsion, these are the only things that *need* to be repaired in order to fly off to the next ship, if you are not leaving the planet, no need to repair guns and warp drive, and all the bonus rigs regarding them.
    The mats needed to get a ship in the air are also always within sight of the crashed ship, no need to carry everything but if you have room it makes it go faster to have a stack of the most common items needed every time.

    Another tip I learned is to pick a direction and keep going that way, if you stay in one area, the transmission beacons will tend to point you right back to a site you already visited and got the ship, with nothing there. I tend to keep everything visited and discovered in my rear-view mirror, and now seem to have found my way nearly half way around the planet as the icons are now in front of me. Without keeping some things discovered/marked and unvisited, it is super easy to go in circles as there is no real compass in game, only a sunrise/sunset that changes pretty quickly as well as planets in the sky.

    Once I hit a 48 slot ship and get everything built just so in it, I will be taking off towards the center on the Atlas path.
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  14. Andy


    48 slot ship acquired "achievement unlocked!"

    Carefully fitted out for space combat (max shields and heavy duty weapon mods) and deliberately went looking for a fight with some pirates.

    Was not disappointed.

    Thought I'd get 2 or 3, ended up with 5.

    Using a trick I learned from watching Top Gun, I was victorious.

    When they get on your ass and start coming in for the kill, DON'T RUN! ...."hit the brakes and they will fly right on by" worked like a charm as they fly past, and loop back around, giving you plenty of time to lock on and zap em.
    If they fly past towards the rear again, just pivot and fire some more.

    Using the Phase Beam also gives you an auto-target that locks onto them, wish I knew that a few blown up ships ago as I was stuck on stupid using the photon cannon (it's only good for mining in space or attacking large freighters from a distance).

    Once I get the hang of this pirate thing down-pat I'm off to the next system to continue on with the Atlas quest line towards the center of the Galaxy.
  15. Andy


    Good to see in spite of all the whinging on Reddit and Twitter, NMS is still quietly updating the game.

    BIG announcement today.

    No Man's Sky

    This week Hello Games will be releasing an update to No Man’s Sky. We’re calling it The Foundation Update, because we have added the foundations of base building, and also because this is putting in place a foundation for things to come.

    Detailed patch notes will follow, and release will be soon.

    Base building, interesting.

    Wonder how they will handle that in a game where the objective is to not stay around on a planet too long.

    Personally I'd rather see my "base" be a base ship I can dock in, store more crap and warp farther across the Galaxy in.

    Regardless, still playing nearly every day and still amazed at what I do discover.

    My rate/pace I won't hit the center of the galaxy for about another 100 jumps unless I find a unique wormhole that actually takes me towards the center, not parallel to it like the last 6 have.

    The small gains "forward" via wormholes have not been worth the repair bill of using Wormholes at this point.

    I'm probably 90% complete on my 2nd race language (Vy'Keen) and 60% complete on the 3rd( Korvax), the Gek was super easy to complete when sitting on a paradise Gek planet as long as I did at the start of the game.

    only 2 milestones left to complete until I get a Platinum trophy for completing all milestones currently available, and they both consist of surviving an extreme enviro planet.
  16. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Happy you still like the game.
  17. Andy


    It's a very Zen distraction after a long day of working the suicide hotline, I mean.... Software Support.
  18. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    I swear I hate IT so much. I wonder if sticking to medical field would have been better. What am I saying, of course it would have been better.
  19. Andy


    Talk about timing..

    I hit my Platinum trophy yesterday (all milestones reached- Platinum trophy awarded on PS4.. 1.2% of all PS4 players have actually bothered achieved this. which in itself is funny considering all the tears on the Innernets of how many "completed the game/nothing to do!")

    Then I wake up today to this...

    No Man's Sky

    Holy crap is that a lot of goodies.
    3 different play modes.
    Base building on a planet of your choice.
    Quick travel back to base.

    The one thing I cared about, stacking resources has actually been added.

  20. Andy


    While downloading I found this..
    Holy crap it's beautiful.


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