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[NFL] OMG! Football lover's dream!

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by drslash, Dec 4, 2002.

  1. drslash

    drslash It's all about the beer

    OMG! Football lover's dream!

    Starting with Dec. 15th (week 15 of the NFL) and ending with Jan. 5th (NFL Wild Card Weekend) There will be an NFL game or a Bowl game every day except 3 days (one of those days is Christmas eve). That is 80 football games almost solid for over 3 weeks!!! From Christmas Day until Jan. 5th it is solid football!! I can hardly contain myself!!

    *wife hollers "You're getting worked up about football again aren't you!!"*

    Oh yeah!!!

    edit:fixed a date
  2. valgore

    valgore Veteran Member

    great what about those of us that have to work. even if most those games are on at night I can't watch them because I get up at 3 am which means I am in bed around 9 pm. Thanks for rubbing it in!!!! :) :) :) :)
  3. eakes

    eakes Registered User

    AAAh! Football season. My favorite time. My living room contains five TV sets, four Directtv receivers, one c-band satellite receiver. On a typical Saturday I watch between 15 and 20 games. On Sunday, typically 10 NFL games. But, it goes away so fast. The time between August and Janurary passes so quickly.
  4. mikeky

    mikeky Member

    eakes, I bow before you, football god!
  5. Misu

    Misu Hey, I saw that.

    eakes, I think you're a football freak :) <small>get it get it?? n/m</small>

    I won't be seeing my friends for a while, then, since they're football fanatics. hehe
  6. IamZed

    IamZed ...

    Never watched it, or any other sport, except a little boxing. I dont even know the rules. We played some back lot stuff when I was a kid, but it was just a disguised fight. That I could do.
  7. John R. Beanham

    John R. Beanham Typical Aussie Male

    Why do those poofy Grid-Iron players use all that padding?

  8. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member


    You tell em!

  9. midranger4

    midranger4 Banned

    Likely because they aren't running up and down a field playing that boring rugby crap :)

    Seriously though NFL football is a very rough sport. Injuries abound even with all the protective gear required by the league.

    Troy Aikmen, Steve Young, and countless others had careers cut short as a result of the poofy grid-iron shots they were exposed to over the years.

    I think the most vulnerable position to be in while playing an NFL game is being selected to receive a pass over the middle when a linebacker and free safety are in position to separate the reciever from his head.

    How did Ricky Waters put it when he was in Philly when asked about hearing footsteps over the middle and basically refusing to catch the pass? "I'm going to put my career at risk....For who...for what?" What a wimp !!!
  10. Copzilla

    Copzilla dangerous animal Staff Member


    One trip onto the field will tell you why.

    Why do poofy boxers wear gloves?

    Why do poofy hockey players wear pads?

    Why? Because it's not another soccer/rugby/jai alai variant.

    But if you want to come play a game of football with us without pads, hey... We're a free country...:angel:

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