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New Forums/Mods

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by ethics, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    AS you probably noticed by now, we have added 1 forum and 2 subforums. We have also added a few moderators for these forums and some moderators for old forums. :)

    As we increase in members, demand grows for organization and I think we are on the right path. Of course, if in the future we find ourselves on the wrong path, we will certainly backtrack and try to get back on the right one.

    What I am saying is that nothing is ever permanent on this forum. With so many great ideas circulating and the amount of great minds this forum holds, I honestly do not know where this new adventure will take us.

    Some of you have inquired about mod positions and how I choose moderators. Let me try to convey what IS a moderator on this forum.

    When you see a bold name on the "Who Is Online" list that person is the promoter of this site, the idea, and the membership. The LAST thing they are are enforcers. I realize that's not how things are done in other places, but the notion of a promoter is something that has worked for us and creates a challenge for each moderator to make their forum laden with quality and generate interest for other mods and members.

    They are here to accomodate, help, and generate and encourage ideas. They are here to upkeep the quality of the environment.

    Please also remember that they are members as well, with opinions, emotions, and feelings. They are members first, moderators second.

    I will not be adding any new forums any time in the near future, and I think we are good with the amount of moderators we have so far.


    As the membership grows it is inevitable that we will require help, run forums, etc... So nothing is set in stone, ever. If you have a forum of interest, PM me or one of the moderators and let them know about it. It may be stupid to you or not, but sometimes greatness is created out of something simple. :)

    Sorry for the long post but I've had many PM's about many of the questions and I figured it would be best to answer with one post.

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