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MY kind of meatloaf......

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by Scott, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. Scott

    Scott Some Assembly Required

    what the hell----i figure someone has to have a wierd taste like me :).

    here it is----MEXICAN MEATLOAF:

    2 pounds 95% lean ground beef
    1 white onion (small), chopped
    1 large red bell pepper, chopped
    1 packet fajita or taco seasoning mix
    1 1/2 cups crushed Tostitos lime flavored tortilla chips
    1 cup green (or red if you like :)) salsa
    1/2 cup cheese of your choice (i use pre-packaged 4 cheese mexican blend)
    1 egg

    mix it all together, and cook it like any other meatloaf (375* for an hour? i forget......LOL) top with some more cheese, if desired. add hot sauce if desired (i throw Jalapeno Tabasco on it------that stuff is awesome)

    this goes great with a nice stout beer.
  2. Violet1966

    Violet1966 Stand and Deliver Staff Member

    Hey Sc0tt you know that recipe sounds awesome actually. Thanks for sharing it. I'm getting to really like this forum. I don't make meatloaf too much because it's just like blah most of the time. when I do make it I add some tomatoes and mozzarella cheese just to make it different. I never thought of a mexican version. Very nice! Can't wait to try it. Something different is always nice. Gee now I hope this forum never gets taken away out of no where. I'll lose lots of good recipes ;) LOL

    I'm sitting here at the comp with my food shopping list now, just so I don't forget to buy any of these ingredients this weekend. LOL :)
  3. mikepd

    mikepd Veteran Member

    This is not bad at all! :thumbsup: An hour sounds good, just keep an eye on it the last 10-15 minutes (meat thermometer is good).

    Meatloaf is a very versatile recipe and can be adapted to various regions and styles. If you want to kick the heat level up, substitue a habenero for the red pepper (remove the seed pod).

    I have a lot of meatloaf recipes and they are all good!
  4. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Sweetness and Light

    those lime tostitos don't last long in my house - they rock
  5. valgore

    valgore Veteran Member

    that sounds good, will have to try that.

    I have a recipe myself. it's very simple, just prepare the meat like you would any meatloaf then spread it out on a long cookie sheet. use a rolling pin. sprinkle on some garlic salt then cover it with A-1 sauce. finally cover that with swiss cheese and roll it up into a log. cook as usual.

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