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Must ban all sharp objects before it's too late...

Discussion in 'Society and Culture' started by Greg, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    (Yeah, another topic about you know what. Shows up every time you know what happens.)

    So we must ban guns, must ban knives, must ban hammers, definitely gotta ban cars because look at all that mass traveling at such high speed (E = 1/2 mv**2, lots of dangerous energy in a speeding car).

    Not only must we ban sharp sticks, but we must ban all knowledge of sharp sticks. Definitely the Internet must go! Very dangerous that Internet, ppl might learn how to sharpen sticks and hurt each other...


    Must go back to the era when there was only penises and vaginas and ... rocks? OMFG we gotta ban rocks too!!!

    okay, now really end /rant
  2. Kluge

    Kluge Observing your world for over 50 years

    Considering my 35mm mechanical camera won't take a picture if the light meter battery goes dead, and it lasts so long I couldn't figure out what happened when it went dead, it shiuld be possible to make guns that only work for their owners.
    I'm talking about an RFID system activated by trigger pressure or hand grip or whatever.
    How much objection could there be to that?
  3. cmhbob

    cmhbob Did...did I do that? Staff Member

    Plenty. The power source can fail at critical moments. You'd have to hold your hand the exact same way every single time. You can't retrofit existing guns. And the system is so bad that every time it comes up, law enforcement and military weapons are excluded. If it's good enough for government employees whose lives may depend on their weapons, it's not good enough for other citizens whose lives may depend on their weapons.
  4. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Hi Bob,

    I'm a bit too dense to understand the relevance of your post to my OP. I was just ranting. I was seeking ironic/sarcastic humor. Not that I mind anybody saying anything they want in topics I start. I like discussing almost anything.

    I just know there is something crazy about the "mommy" public that wants to take away everything dangerous, even toys that pretend to be dangerous (toy guns). My intent was to point out the impossibility of ever making our daily lives safe from violence.

    When you get right down to it the best tools make the best weapons, and vice versa. There is no way to ban weapons without banning tools. All this talk about banning guns is stupid, it's mindless prattle.

    It's like solving the problem of rape by castrating every male in the country. Not that would work either unless you ban Coke bottles and anything else that can be vaginally inserted.

    I wonder if people were this stupid 100 years ago or whether mass stupidity is somehow a product of the information age and of the baby boom.

    Well whatever it is, good luck changing the Constitution. The federal government may build fences around it but we are not going to lose our right to own firearms any time soon. Not in the next 50 years, just to state a definite time frame. Ain't gonna happen no matter how many mommies march.

  5. cmhbob

    cmhbob Did...did I do that? Staff Member

    Greg, I was replying to Kluge. I just did a thread reply instead of a post reply.
  6. Kluge

    Kluge Observing your world for over 50 years

    Surely you realize that cameras have been in development in a time frame comparable to guns, and I make no claim that an obsolete 30 year old Nikon that sells for $400 is cheap or simple. In the case of a gun owner sharing a residence with unstable or unpredictable individuals, however, you'd have to consider the risks of unauthorized use of the firearm as a significant factor.
    So step 1 might be to add family & friends to permit applications or at the very least have some training as to what are considerd normal risks and what are unusually risky situations.
  7. Sierra Mike

    Sierra Mike The Dude Abides Staff Member

    I have a biometric safe for my handguns that I keep very close by. I also have a key backup, should the battery in the safe fail, but that's not on my person and only I know where it is. Another individual could find it, but it would take hours of searching.
  8. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Oh, sorry Bob. Evidently I have some problem seeing the posts from Kluge. I think you can infer why.
  9. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    You're my kind of man!!!!!!! :)
  10. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    Nobody in my house but me and my wife. Regardless I ordered a safe today that can hold my handguns. I do leave for weekends so would not want the guns stolen.
  11. Allene

    Allene Registered User

    We have had a safe for this purpose for many years because we are away on lots of weekends and on long vacations in the summer.
  12. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    I have a gun safe on my shopping list too. Even better if it's fireproof. You could store everything in there. Multi-task fire/theft deterrent. Another good idea is a single gun combo safe, hides unseen, easy access, no key to lose.

    And please don't store those guns unloaded, at least not the important one. When you need a gun is no time to be fumbling with ammo.

    I store mine loaded, not locked, none in the chamber. It isn't going anywhere until I rack it.
  13. damonlab

    damonlab Veteran Member

    Gun safes are a great thing, but some gun owners simply want one in every room with easy access. If I take friends to my mother's house that have not been there before, I tell them to treat every gun they see as if they were loaded and not to touch them unless they want to get shot by my stepdad.
  14. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    A safe by definition does not have easy access.
  15. damonlab

    damonlab Veteran Member

    I worded that wrong. He has no safes that I know of. Guns are visible in most rooms. In the rooms where guns are not visible, I'm sure they exist but I am not trying to look for them.
  16. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    The only ppl with too many guns is the gummint.
  17. Sierra Mike

    Sierra Mike The Dude Abides Staff Member

    I have a fire-rated safe in my basement for long guns. Cost a pretty penny, and according to the literature, I should be able to park up to 28 weapons inside, but I'm a long way away from filling it up.
  18. Copzilla

    Copzilla dangerous animal Staff Member

    I have two guns, and neither of them is for hunting. One is a riot pump action shotgun with a collapsable stock, and the other is my duty .40 cal Glock.

    The shotgun is my insurance policy for if/when social order flies out the window. And if you think that cannot happen, take a look at New Orleans during hurricane Katrina. That was small scale. Do something nastier, like an epidemic or something, and it's over with.
  19. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Oooohhhhh!!!! :) :) :) I like!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

    I don't need nearly that much capacity. I want my safe primarily for a few arms and a few important papers and cash. A small one will do me just fine. Maybe big enough for a few rifles or shotguns in case my personal taste in firearms changes.

    @'Zilla, damned right!!! We already have an object lesson that there are times that a person would be better off holding their limp dick instead of calling 911.
  20. Sierra Mike

    Sierra Mike The Dude Abides Staff Member

    We're in agreement here. My last experience with Sandy pretty much moved me into full-on prepper mode. Not like I'm turning my place into a fortress, but it will be well-defended, and the good folks at Shelf Reliance already have an order in from me, as well.

    And I'll be picking up a SIG 716 in two weeks...a lot of folks roll their eyes and tell me that 7.62 is too heavy to lug around, but I don't plan on going patrolling with it. Just killing goblins that come to my doorstep.

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