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Man calls cops for a hard foul in pickup basketball

Discussion in 'Society and Culture' started by SixofNine, Jul 17, 2018.

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    As a very experienced collegiate level basketball player I'm confused. When someone sets a screen or pick the guy that get's hit hard is the guy that sets a screen and gets run over by the defensive player chasing the guy he is guarding. Unless I am totally misreading the facts of the story the guy that ran into the pick claims he got hit hard. Huh?

    One of the classes I took in college was "Analysis of Basketball." It was a serious class taught by the university's former assistant coach for the men and the then current coach for the women's team. In one of the lecture classes for the course, he mentioned that it was a foul on a player that collides hard with or runs over a player that sets the screen. (I was the only high-level experienced player in the class.) When he said that I said out loud without being called on, that the only a ref would call such a foul would be if the guy that set the screen was hit so hard that he was knocked flat to the ground and his eyeballs fell out. The coach laughed out loud and followed up his remarks by affirming the truth of my statement.
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