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[LOTRO] Characters

Discussion in 'MMORPG' started by Stiofan, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Stiofan

    Stiofan Master Po

    Couldn't find the retail game less than $50 without sending away for it so for $5 it wasn't worth it and I picked it up today. I'll get a few characters going and post their names and attributes here. If those playing will add their updated list I'appreciate it. I assume everyone is on Nimrodel server?

    I'm a multi user virgin, so go easy on me and don't treat me as too much of a noob. ;)

    I have a buddy key if anyone wants to try it for ten days.
  2. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member


    Mine are:


    And here's the best advice I can give you. Don't rush anything. Don't feel bad you don't know something or not fast to reply to someone. We were all noobs at some point and many of us--when it comes to this game--still are.

    Tip of the day: When someone "tells you" means someone sends you a private message. To quickly reply, type /r (you will see the line get populated with the last person who pmled you) and type the message back.

    Again, do NOT get frustrated, these things take time but once you know one MMO you kinda get to know them all and you really start doing things faster and enjoying it more.

  3. Stiofan

    Stiofan Master Po

    Cool. I know the game as I played it for two weeks, so soloing is not a problem, but the group thing is a bit daunting. It will take me awhile to level up my characters, and my home connection is slow (just finished installing and updating, took about 2 hours) so I won't be worth much for awhile.
  4. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Bah, nonsense. Grouping makes things EASIER, man, for all.
  5. Elspeth

    Elspeth Beware the Fire Dragon

    Here are my girls

    Els - champion
    Sarra - lore master
    Kylia - hunter
    Caliet - burglur
    Darkwynd - ministril

    Glad you are playing

    I believe we now have enough for a kinship?
  6. Stiofan

    Stiofan Master Po

    So far I have: Hadili - Guardian.
  7. Stiofan

    Stiofan Master Po

    I'll add yours to my list. How do you guys play so many characters? My latest is a dwarf, and my beta character was an elf. The quests are so similar at least in the beginning, it's got to be downright boring to level up each one.
  8. Brazbit

    Brazbit Nah... It can't be.

    Humans/Hobbits share quests early on. So do dwarfs and Elves. The two styles are very different. The different classes are also unique expieriences if not unique quests. Most of these alts are just for testing out the class.

    Brazbit - Human Captain
    Brazami - Human Hunter

    The others I have probably won't be played much. All start with Braz so if you see a Braz*.* it could well be me.
  9. Elspeth

    Elspeth Beware the Fire Dragon

    See I have an alt problem :p Right now Sarra is my main the others are just to play with if I get bored. You should see my WoW character list
  10. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    That's what this is for me as well, currently.
  11. Stiofan

    Stiofan Master Po

    Is it just me or are dwarves the slowest stupid runners in the game. I should have remembered the movies and how Gimli was always behind.
  12. Andy


    I've got 2

    Stilgaard Dwarf Guardan (lvl 8)
    Eringlade Elf Hunter (lvl 15?)

    I mostly play the Hunter, but get a level now and then on the Guardian which right now is easier since he's got tons of rest exp and I'm doing much of the same stuff over so I know where to go now.

    It might appear that Dwarfs run slower, but they seem to keep right up with others. I had one running along side me the other night and then I kicked in the high-speed Hunter running talent and only then I was able to leave him behind.
  13. Coot

    Coot Passed Away January 7, 2010

    Hey Stio, how is this playing on your laptop?
  14. Brazbit

    Brazbit Nah... It can't be.

    I don't know about his but it runs like a dream on my Dell B120

    Celeron M 1.4 GHz
    1.25 GB RAM
    Integrated Intel Graphics
  15. Stiofan

    Stiofan Master Po

    My laptop is a bit old at two years ;) , but I've had no problems at all. It defaulted me on set up to medium video, but I cranked it up to ultra High and it showed only a bit of hesitation. Put it back down to High, and no problem. Game play is very smooth.

    AMD 64 3200+, with 128 Nvidia video card, 1G ram.

    Hey, it was fast when I bought it...:lol:
  16. Coot

    Coot Passed Away January 7, 2010

    That's close to what I'm running. AMD Turion 64 with ATI Radeon M200. I just might give it a go.
  17. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Let me know, still have one trial key left.
  18. Stiofan

    Stiofan Master Po

    I have one too, it's at home but if you need it and can IM it tonight.

    I want to try another class, I had an Elf Hunter in Beta, really liked it, but the sucker died alot ;), and my Dwarf is much hardier.

    Dunk, Human Lore-Master
  19. Coot

    Coot Passed Away January 7, 2010

    I'll try and start the download before I head off to bed, I should have it by tomorrow.
  20. Stiofan

    Stiofan Master Po

    For some reason my Human Lore-master is easier to level up. I'm at 4 after about 20 minutes. This is the easiest class for me so far. I have some things to do for awhile, but later tonight I'll try and get him into double digits.

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