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[SECURITY ALERT] Linux Mint Nailed

Discussion in 'Bits & Bytes' started by Biker, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Beware of hacked ISOs if you downloaded Linux Mint on February 20th!

    The thing that pisses me off about this isn't so much the intrusion, but rather Clem's reluctance to report and prosecute. I just may start looking for another distro because of that.
  2. cmhbob

    cmhbob Did...did I do that? Staff Member

    Was just coming here to share this. Heard about it at another forum.
  3. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    How ironic. I left a comment that basically stated I was unhappy with their attitude towards the intrusion and they should definitely report it. It's still awaiting moderation, with tons of comments afterward being approved.

    Pretty much tears it. It appears Clem doesn't want to rock the boat in the black hat community.
  4. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

  5. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Too little, too late.

    How Linux Mint is preventing future hacks and increasing security

    He's still not addressing the security concerns of the distribution itself, at least not to my satisfaction. His brush off of what I consider valid concerns just because it's not the proper venue doesn't wash with me.

    Doubtful I'll be going back to it. Fedora is working very well.

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