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Interesting article by Bob Woodward

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by immortal one, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. immortal one

    immortal one 501st Geronimo

  2. Sunriser13

    Sunriser13 Knee Deep in Paradise

    You and me both, mister! A suitcase with three million - I'd probably only keep one of that (the interest alone would support me quite well), and use the interest from the other two mill to give to other worthy folks in need. I wouldn't go through the organized charities, though, as many of the people I see needing help fall through the cracks of those...
  3. immortal one

    immortal one 501st Geronimo

    Agreed. Charity starts at home. If one person helps only one neighbor, there are now two who can give help to others.
  4. bruzzes

    bruzzes Truthslayer

    Learned all of that on the CBS 60 minutes.

    Great segment on our president.

    "The bastards know where I am, let them come and get me.
    The President is the calcium of our nations backbone, If the president is weak the whole structure falls."

    Found out on that segment that there are 331 Al Queda members here in the US. Some of them have been picked up, some remain at large.

    Also, a possible dirty bomb is presumedly in this country somewhere. Teams with sophisticated instruments are driving around in selected cities trying to find it.

    As for above story, it is about time that money was spent correctly in defending our country...
  5. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    GWB's father was the first in a long time who listened to the military. His son appears to be able to pick and to listen to the right advice pretty well on Afghanistan and Iraq. Wish I could replace his current crop of domestic advisors. Besides the excellent advice he would get I could use the money.:)
  6. immortal one

    immortal one 501st Geronimo

    You have my vote bro. :thumbsup:

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