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If I were Donald Trump (revised immigration policy)

Discussion in '2016 Election' started by Greg, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    I would change my immigration policy as follows.

    New immigration policy:

    1.) First priority, upgrade the US/MX border crossing prevention system by any combination of walls, fences, patrols and electronic measures until it is extremely difficult to cross except at established border crossings. (No system will ever work 100% of the time.)

    Change: US will negotiate with MX to achieve a treaty that involves both countries in building and financing the wall. The only way to force MX to pay for it is hardball trade barriers which will hurt US workers, US consumers, and of course hurt MX in many ways. IMO MX paying 100% will never happen and Trump is under a delusion he can make it so. Note that the US cannot afford the funds to build the wall without cooperation from MX. Call this a diplomatic challenge.

    2.) End "catch and release." Immigrants serving prison time for felonies will be deported to their country of origin at end of sentence. All immigrants previously convicted of felonies will be located and deported to their country of origin. Immigrants caught crossing the border illegally will be deported to their country of origin as soon as practical, and held not released while awaiting transportation. All deportations will be to the middle of country of origin, not a border town. In the case of MX send them to Mexico City. INS will recieve orders to facilitate the above and adequate funding.

    3.) Zero tolerance for criminal aliens. Immigrants caught and convicted of committing misdemeanors will be treated as above or if the offense is sufficiently minor will be directly deported to country of origin. Immigrants arrested for any felony or misdemeanor will be held while awaiting trial, not released back into the population. (Otherwise they'll just change their name and not show for the trial.) Restore Secure Communities and 287(g), that deputized police officers to act in a limited capacity as immigration agents. Deport Hillary Clinton. (Just kidding!) ;)

    4.) Block funding for sanctuary cities. This is his plan but I'm not sure he can enforce it. Write an executive order and see if it sticks. Otherwise send in federal agents to enforce laws that sanctuary cities won't enforce. Fund the program adequately.

    5.) Cancel Obama executive orders on immigration. No change except vet ALL Obama executive orders and cancel any of them that don't make sense (probably most of them, maybe all of them).

    6.) Suspend visas from certain countries with inadequate screenings, especially Syria and Libya. Extreme vettingd. No change from Trump's plan.

    7.) Ensure countries take back immigrants the United States deports. You say courts demand they be released into US? Executive order time. Suspend all visas and immigration applications from countries that will not cooperate (my addition, the "stick.")

    8.) Complete the biometric entry-exit visa tracking system. No change. Hunt them down and deport them if they don't go home on time.

    9.) Turn off the jobs and benefits magnet. No change. Enforce E-Verify ensuring that employers verify prospective employees have the legal right to work in US, and establish SERIOUS penalties for businesses who hire workers who do not have the legal right to work in US. End benefits such as food stamps etc. to illegal immigrants. I would additionally add a program of INS random audits of businesses to ensure all employees are legal and prosecute if illegals are discovered. In the case of workers using forged identity papers to appear legal, immediate deportation to country of origin.

    10.) Reform legal immigration. Allow reasonable quotas with consideration of the best interests of US citizens (not US workers, all US citizens).

    The rest are my own points:

    11.) End the stupid talk about deporting 11 million illegal aliens. Right off you know it's heartless to deport illegals who have children that are US citizens, gotta find another solution. First off, sending the felons home and enforcing E-Verify will get rid of about 3 million or more in my estimation. They come here for jobs, and if they can't get legal jobs they will self deport. If they can't find legal jobs and have US children, too bad. Leave them here for adoption or take them with you.

    12.) Establish a guest worker program to allow seasonal workers in, and use the biometric system to ensure they go home at the end of the season.

    13.) I agree with Trump, if you entered the US illegally there will be NO PROGRAM to be granted US citizenship except to leave the US and apply via the legal immigration system. I depart from Trump in #14 below, in that those who qualify for #14 may stay in the US while their immigration application is being processed. If they eventually meet the requirements to be granted legal rights to become a resident alien and right to work in the US then let it be so. Otherwise stick in #14.

    14.) Provide a path to legal residency and right to work for those immigrants who have obeyed the laws. Requirements will be (a) pay a monetary penalty, (b) pay back taxes including interest and penalties, (c) learn to speak English until they can pass a proficiency test. No chance for US citizenship except as provided in #13 above.

    15.) As a goal, end the anchor baby policy. IMO any executive order would be unconstitutional. See if Congress can be manipulated into changing the law.

    With all of the above enacted it would IMO release a major part of the illegal immgrant problem. Accept that a partial solution is the best we can hope for. IMO if Trump continues without some changes perhaps as I suggested he will lose badly to Clinton, and we will have Obama II, and might as well change the name of our country to the United Progressive States of America, and "tear down those walls" (apologies to Reagan) and support a world with no borders. This is such a horrible change that America as we know it will cease to exist.
  2. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Of course there will be fallout. Some Trump supporters will dump him, un-endorse him, curse him with insults, and vote for who? Clinton? Third party? Not vote at all. The real problem is that the hard liners are for a Trump program that will guarantee Trump will lose the election. Vote for anybody else or don't vote and you'll get Clinton, and worse, you'll get Clinton's SCOTUS appointments, and goodbye many of our freedoms including limiting the Second Amendment into a pale shadow of what it is now.

    But there will be a gain! As I said, "deport them all" won't work. "Mexico will pay for the wall" won't work. Most people with a brain would agree. Many of the undecided and even Clinton crossovers are not going to vote for Trump unless he moderates his position. Might suck a lot of support from third party voters who know their vote will not count, voting only as a protest, and they might vote for Trump if he doesn't sound like a lunatic.

    In my opinion the changes I outlined above will gain more support than it will lose! But WTF do I know? IMO at the present the only way Trump will win the election involves Clinton dressed in orange and wearing stainless steel nickel plated bracelets with a chain between. Yet she has so much cover from Obama et al. that it just isn't going to happen, and Hillary has been taking lessons from Slick Willy, you can call her Slick Hillary because she is going to dodge or justify every transgression, bad judgement, lack of achievement and crime she has committed.

    The Democrats and MSM will call this a major "flip flop" for Trump. Yes, it is, but the alternative is losing the election. If I were Trump I'd say call it a flip flop if you like, but as the situation has moved on new information has come to light and policies must be refined, and it's stupid to stick with an old policy that won't work. The world, our country, and the situation is constantly in flux. The new plan is better than the old plan, so let's argue what is, not what was.

    For those who voted for Trump in the primaries because of his hard ass policies, all I have to say is that this is the best you are going to get. No policy change = Clinton as next president. At least you will get as much as possible of what you wanted.
  3. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    If you wonder about Trump on foreign policy look no further that Duarte.
  4. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Lastly, I have no idea about the "down ticket." It appears to me that the situation as it exists now almost guarantees there will be a net loss in the "down ticket" and perhaps the loss of some or all of the legislature, probably the Senate, best case a 50/50 Senate... With the Democratic VP settling ties. Clinton as President and the Democrats having control of one of the Houses is the worst scenario I can imagine.

    The only worse anything I can think of is a decapitation nuclear strike on D.C. and on Los Angeles (thus cutting off America from most Pacific rim trade.

    As an afterthought, I forgot to mention that the US is in worse military shape than it has seen since before WW II, we have a smaller navy than before WW II, I think over 50% of our Air Force aircraft are not in condition to fly, and the pilots not getting sufficient training to fly the working aircraft with the necessary proficiency to engage in a war. The only thing we got that still works is the nuclear Triad, and that can't be used except in retaliation to a nuclear strike against the US or in a situation where we will lose America if we don't do a first nuclear strike.

    I fear that at present the state of the US military is such that we cannot guarantee that a foreign power couldn't take over and annex the US. Clinton's policies will not change this, she'll be too busy throwing away immigration laws and tearing down walls. (What next? Free transportation from Mexico City to the US destination of your choice?) Only Trump will address the state of US military unpreparedness.
  5. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Can't find any info except on FB which I cannot access. Assuming you refer to Amanda.
  6. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

  7. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

  8. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    That's a pretty whacked out dude. Don't they have a Constitution? Nor do I blame Obama for declining to meet with him.

    IMO Trump has a good plan for drug dealers: deport them if they are in the US illegally. I presume he would want US citizen drug dealers tried and sent to prison. As far as foreign nationals with US permant residency status, I see no reason why that can't be revoked before deporting them.

    There is no doubt that better border control would help both US and Mexico, making it harder to move drugs north and drug money south, noting that drug money finances the cartels which are a huge problem in Mexico, at times even warring against the legitimate government, at other times bribing and corrupting Mexico's government. This is one reason why Mexico should consider helping pay for a better wall. Not all the border problems are northbound. Another problem for Mexico is munitions moving south bought by straw purchasers in the US.

    Myself, if I saw a drug dealer shot and nobody saw me see it, I'd tell the police I heard a loud noise and that's all. I hate drug dealers. Drug dealing is not a simple crime. It causes a pyramid of ever widening crime, particularly drug users who commit crimes to finance their habits. Is a drug dealer guilty of murder if they sell drugs to an addict who then overdoses and dies? Maybe not legally but IMO morally they are guilty. All drug dealers should die, but citizens can't just go out and shoot them!

    Here in California drugs fall into two categories, soft and hard. Nobody has any excuse to buy pot from a drug dealer because it's stupid-simple to get a permit and go buy your pot at a legal pot dispensary. The rest of the dealers belong in jail. Well, the non-citizens belong in their country of origin.
  9. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    Ahh, the Mexican fence. Trump met with a foreign leader. And within hours he and the foreign leader disagreed publicly on what was agreed upon. A real leader there. I guess we are lucky he only disagreed with somebody who cannot launch ICBM's at us.

    I only speak contemptuously about him because that is how I find him. It takes one hell of a buffoon to make HRC look better, notice I did not say look good.
  10. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    There was nothing agreed upon with the Mexican president. In the appearance of both presidents after the meeting it was stated that the payment arrangements for the border fence was not discussed.

    Only counry crazy to launch on us is Iran, if they get the ballistics and nukes to do it. And they now have plenty of cash, almost 2 billion all in *CASH*. Way to go Obama.

    I wish we had a third choice on ballots, "none of the above." If "none" wins we shortly have a new election and the previous candidates are ineligible to run.

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