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IE-SPYAD update 01-17-2003

Discussion in 'Bits & Bytes' started by claire, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. claire

    claire Registered User

    IE-SPYAD (the IE Restricted zone list) and AGNIS (the AtGuard/NIS ad block list) have been updated again. The AGNIS for Outpost block lists have also been updated. You can download all of these new versions at:


    Included with IE-SPYAD is an uninstaller (IE-ADS-UNINST.REG) for the *previous* version of IE-SPYAD. Look in the \OLD sub-dir of the IE-SPYAD installation directory after you unpack IE-SPYAD. IE-SPYAD also includes an uninstaller (IE-ADS-UNINST.REG) for the *current* version of IE-SPYAD in the main installation directory. You can distinguish between these uninstallers by the file dates.

    The AGNIS block lists are compatible with AtGuard 3.x and ALL versions of Norton Internet Security. There is a separate AGNIS for Outpost package for users of Agnitum Outpost.

    If you're running NIS 2002 Pro or NIS 2003, you CAN use the AGNIS block lists, however, you must use the ProWAGoN block list utility written by Christian Haagensen to load, remove, and backup ad block lists from NIS. Do NOT attempt to install AGNIS block lists in NIS 2002 Pro or NIS 2003 by manually merging .REG files or using the AGNIS.BAT batch file utility included with AGNIS. Use the ProWAGoN utility instead. You can download ProWAGoN here:


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