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I wonder if this is the future in employment?

Discussion in 'Economy' started by ethics, Aug 16, 2018.

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    I am tracked on multiple metrics. How many calls I close a day, parts usage, if someone had to go back to the same unit in a certain time frame, etc.

    My company vehicle is also GPS tracked. They know where it is at any given moment. My dispatcher knows what call I am traveling or working on. The truck phones home every time I start it, so my travel times and those logs have to agree. It also flags me if I speed. People have been fired because they run their van when they aren't supposed to or too fast too often. One guy got flagged for speeding in his company truck, in the middle of the night when he was on vacation. It turns out he had a booty call to attend...

    I can understand my situation, I am running around remotely with thousands of dollars of equipment. For coders, there needs to be a deadline to produce an operational application and that's it. If you make the deadline, you get paid. If you miss it, you get paid less, all the way down to zero. People in these positions should use Mr. Scott's method to become a miracle worker. Estimate your worst-case time and expenses to complete the job, then multiply by 3 and give those numbers to the boss.
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