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I decided to buy Amazon! ... maybe have Apple for dessert

Discussion in 'Economy' started by Susan Addams, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    Not the whole thing! I don't think Jeff Bezos is selling any time soon!

    I've spent maybe $5K in the last several weeks on my Amazon Visa, much of it at Amazon. This level of spending is uncharacteristic of me but my living room and bedroom needed upgraded electronics and furniture. (For example, $2K for a oak Amish-made bed!)

    If any of you Primes missed the message, Amazon now has a Visa card (transacted through Chase Bank) which gives 1% cash rewards on everything, 2% cash rewards on restaurants, and {drum roll} 5% cash back on all Amazon store purchases!!! Hell, I get more cash back than my Amazon Prime costs!!! Even better, they gave me $70 gift credit for applying! Note: non-Primes who get the Amazon Visa get 3% cash back from store purchases. Hey non-primes, get with it. If you shop much at all your rewards will pay for your Prime membership!

    So back to my main topic. More and more often I find myself discussing Amazon Prime with people around me. My real estate agent is Prime. My USPS letter carrier is Prime. In fact the UPS driver is Prime. We are turning into a Prime nation!

    Amazon bought Whole Foods Market I'm sure you know. Nobody knows what their plans are but you know they are going to be amazing! I was chatting up an employee, he was a bit nervous but agreed with me it will probably be good for him and good for WFM.

    I'm not thinking of Amazon taking over the economy, I'm thinking of Amazon taking over the world! ;) ;) ;) I'm sure they'd do a better job of running America than the present government. Let's get rid of the DNC, Billary already owns it anyway. I suspect the RNC is just as crooked but have no proof. (What's with the Reps having control of the government, and several years to plan how to fix Obamacare, and now they can't agree on shit? WTF?)

    Back to my point. I ran a quick analysis on AMZN (trades on NASDAQ). I had been thinking, let's buy 100 shares! Annnnddd... {Gulp!} Discovered their trading closed at $1,162 on Friday. But in the bigger picture they are in a short slump but you look at the 1 and 5 year performance and they look like a space launch!!!

    100 shares? LOL! I do okay but not that okay!!! 100 shares would be $116,200! I decided to watch trading next week and when the time is right I'm placing a trade order for 50 shares!

    I just do not see how I can lose! I'm an experienced trader and I don't day trade. This AMZN is intended to lie down and go to sleep in my portfolio, and just lay there for several years or longer. Now each time Amazon does something I can get an extra thrill out of it! :)

    What will they do with WFM? And what about the rumored Amazon brick & mortar stores?

    I got into an S&P indexed annuity a few months back and it's already up 9.5% !!! The money had previously lain in a money market account earning 0.3% ... I calculated that after the management's cut (1.5% of the gain) and if the S&P continues to perform (I extrapolated) that I may earn an equivalent of 16% APR. Even better, my annuity guarantees zero losses, they'll eat any losses. It's in my contract that in bad years I cannot lose money.

    So all this investing is making me hungry. I'm thinking a bit of AAPL might be nice for dessert, trading at $171 so 100 shares is $17,100. Maybe I can dig down deep in my purse. ;) Look at Apple's 1 and 5 year performance, bit of a slump mid 2016 but with the new iPhone X it's clear they are going to chop the head off the top end of the cellular market. I've got an iPhone, an iPad and just got the iPad mini 4 a month ago—and now can't live without it! I used to have a clam phone and now I can't live without 3 smart mobile devices! I think Apple is another winner.

    Just think about it. When I buy that iPhone X from Amazon I'll be buying something I shared a part in making, buying it from a store I partly own, paying myself 5% to buy it, and it comes in 2 days! (Pardon my double entendre if you get my drift!) ;)
  2. MemphisMark

    MemphisMark Old School Conservative

    You know you just earned the title of "Greedy Capitalist Pig," right? ;-)

    It's like the story about a little girl with Liberal parents. I asked the girl what she wanted to be when she grew up.

    "President of the United States!" she proudly said. Her parents beamed.

    "That is a fantastic goal," I said. "What will you do when you become president?"

    "Help homeless and other needy people" she said.

    "I tell you what," I said. "You don't have to wait until you're president to do that. Do you know Old Joe who sits outside the supermarket begging for spare change? Why don't you come over to my house and I will pay you $50 to mow and edge my lawn. Once you have that money, you can give it to Old Joe."

    She thought about that for a minute. "Why doesn't Old Joe do that himself?" she asked.

    "Welcome to the Republican Party" I said. Her parents haven't spoken to me since.
  3. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    No, I think I earned the title "Smart Chick Who Invests In Other Than New Cars And Fancy Vacations."

    I've changed my mind on Apple. I looked at the statistics, 1 year, 5 year... Even though I like their products I don't see the progression I need to see to have confidence in their stock performance.

    Instead I am considering PayPal now. I noted a similar progression to Amazon. I just totally doubt that BTC will be any completion any time soon, and in fact BTC may be just a fad. However Bitcoin is shooting up at an amazing rate. I'm not a speculator.

    Have a look at PayPal (PYPL on NASDAQ), (look at the 1 year and 5 year), Friday's close at $75.65. It's inexpensive enough to buy maybe 50 shares ($3,800) as a nice stocking stuffer for my portfolio. Again, not planning on selling for years.

    Meanwhile my AMZN is up almost $2K in less than 2 weeks I've owned it. Please spare me the lecture about not watching the daily fluctuations of your portfolio. I'm keeping my AMZN for many years. It amuses me to watch its daily performance. Even if it goes down (or negative) I'll just be unhappy but I still won't sell it. I trust my mojo that AMZN will be an excellent investment in the long term.

    I think PayPal may be the same. What do you think? (I looked at eBay too, and they didn't make my cut.)
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2017

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