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Home sweet home

Discussion in 'MMORPG' started by Andy, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Andy


    Pulled the trigger on my house tonight.

    What fun running around decorating, etc! :D

    Don't forget to visit the housing provisioners in all 4 areas, they have differnt flavor furnishings, and recipes to craft stuff too.

    I forgot to ask what neighborhood Leon was in, but I snagged the exact house I wanted in Smilwich with the lake view.

    2 Brookbank St.
    Smilwich, The Shire.

    Pop on in anytime.

    Few shots of my new view...
  2. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    AHhhhh, I know where that is. Nice locale!!!

    Personally, I want the one at 4 Wending Way.:)
  3. Stiofan

    Stiofan Master Po

    These are shire huh? Now you have to do some of the Harvest festival stuff to get that goblin statue you've been eyeing out front. :)
  4. Andy


    Didn't get a pic of it, but I picked up a well for the front yard in one of the other homesteads, also am able to craft a log holder, and a Dwarven table with a purple frill. (so place yer orders :D)

    I have a recipe for a large scholar bookshelf, but I need to get my woodworking up another 80 points.

    My only wish right now would be what I read they are going to try in book 12, the ability to move the hooks around.

    I'd love to have a highback chair next to the fireplace, put the bed back against the wall and the ability to use chairs with the table.

    Some interior shots...
  5. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Awesome. Not for nothing but LOTRO is the first MMO to do housing the right way. It took UO years to get it right, EQ2 never got it right, WoW never had it.

    This is a huge pat on the back for them. Adds so much to the game!
  6. Elspeth

    Elspeth Beware the Fire Dragon

    Very nice house!!

    Galaxies also had it. It was great but you could put housing in active areas ie spawn points of baddies so it really screwed up planets. You could also have a cantina if you were an entertainer (Braz and I had The Dragon's Den)

    You wouldn't believe what people could make out of stuff to put in their house. I wish WoW would put in something, they are talking about it so I will keep up hope.
  7. Andy


    Every neighborhood also has a commons area with a stage and tents.

    I actually saw a few people performing last night, was kinda neat.

    I'm in a less-full neighborhood, meaning there are still lots of houses not sold, I haven't had time to pop into one that was sold out to see how much more action goes on.

    That to me was the only down-point of the instanced neighborhoods, to get the house you liked, you end up in an empty area until others fill it in.
    Many still have lots or all of the Kin halls not sold.
  8. Andy


    Notice of change of address:

    New address all correspondence should be forwarded to..

    3 Chalk Street,
    The Shire

    Due to fair winds, good fortune and excellent friends, I have upgraded to a Deluxe Shire home.

    I put out something to eat, all are welcome to stop by anytime. :)

    Also, nighttime view behind new digs, and the larger front yard.

    Place is HUGE inside.

    Now I don't have to swim across the river to go home and I can literally jump down onto Leon's roof. :D
  9. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Know what? This thread may have just caused me to pull the trigger on getting the game and taking a LoA from WoW. Gonna have to think about this a bit.. :)
  10. Elspeth

    Elspeth Beware the Fire Dragon

    Wow very cool house. Almost makes me want to start LOTRO again
  11. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    House is awesome and it's great we are near each other! I changed the color of my interior paint, Andy and new floor tiles! Let me know how you like it.

    And Tom if you have a decent rig this game blows wow away with its visuals. Starts out a little slow but by level 15 you don't want to go to bed!
  12. Stiofan

    Stiofan Master Po

    I have to ask, how did you ever get enough money to buy a deluxe house? I mean it's like 7 or 8g? There are people playing since beta who haven't got even 1g to their names. Lots of them. Heck, I had to loan two people money just to buy their 4g horse when they were Lvl 35. Your main toon is what, lvl 21?

    All I can say is amazing! You've really beaten the economics of the game early on.

    (I can't believe either one of you even has enough to buy a small house..it's amazing, and fantastic).

    I went on a CD run tonight with 5 other 50s and when we were done one of them was complaining he didn't have enough money for repairs. I gave him (and I had never met or quested with him before) 200s and wished him luck. I then fixed my own gear for about the same. I've got enough money to be generous, a little over 11g now, but heck I didn't get my first 1g until about lvl 30.

    You guys will blow me away. :)
  13. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    I played the beta when it came out... Enjoyed it somewhat, but I did miss the "action" that you have in a fight with WoW. Has that changed at all?
  14. Stiofan

    Stiofan Master Po

    Where'd you get the black bear trophy? Those drops are hard to come by. Don't tell me you bought it at the AH! :lol:
  15. Andy


    Black Bear trophy is super easy, grind the bears in the forest between to Buckland and Bald Hill, I got mine in like 50 or so bears.

    Cash?, well I just say had a little help from my friends for the deluxe house. :D

    The standard house I followed in Frodo's footprints and just grinded a certain area north of Buckland for several hours collecting wood/ore/skins and sold everything on the AH, made the gold in a day.
  16. Andy


    I wasn't in beta, but coming hot off the WoW kick (again), I can't see where anything in a fight would not be full of action.

    Each character has different moves for every skill, plenty of action now I think.

    I'll defer to Leon who also had the same concern in beta as to what he feels now.

    The only down side I see on my perspective is the high demand of the client on your machine's stats and some video stutters in certain areas. (especially in the town of Bree, but EVERYONE seems to have some sort of video stutter/glitch/etc in there)
    This game is VERY demanding on hardware, my P4 3GHz, 2GB RAM and nVidia 256mm 8600GTS seem to play it fine on medium settings, I can't crank much up anymore without crashing, but it still looks frickin awesomesauce... and at least the sound still works. ;)
  17. Andy


    Couple additions..

    When I upgraded my house, I had to abandon the old one (in the housing controls), I was 2 weeks ahead on the "rent".

    I got an email this am when I logged in, the Shire housing manager refunded me my pre-paid rent "in good faith".

    It was no refund of the original house price, but still 100s is nothing to sneeze at. :D

    Also, I will have 2 storage chests in my house now.

    I'm going to set my house permissions to allow all Kin-folk access to them and place any items/recipes in there I get and think that one of you can use, to alleviate the postage fees, check the chest that will be in the study, next to the fireplace, the other one next to my bed will be for my stuff..

    When I get home tonight, I'll be tossing in all the gems and stuff I have stocked up for Melodonia, and all the patterns that haven't sold.

    If you happen to have any spare skins/wood, it would be a great place to dump them off too. ;)

    I figured we could use the new digs as a pseudo Kin Hall until we get our big-boy britches on and upgrade to a real one.

    My new goal now is to get a hand with the expert woodworking quest in Lone Lands so I can make the large scholar's bookshelf with Eringlade. Just need to go visit some guy in the middle/south part and get a twig. :blank:
  18. SixofNine

    SixofNine Jedi Sage Staff Member

    I tried the beta and could never get it to stop crashing on me. Judging from the messages in the support forums at the time, it was not an uncommon problem: my character would suddenly stop moving, I could still do a few things like open bags, but I couldn't execute any skills or move at all, and eventually the game would crash.

    I thought I had fixed it once, but the problem returned. If I could have gotten it to work I would have bought the Founders' charter membership for $200 as an insurance policy (i.e., a game to go to if I ever stop playing WoW).
  19. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Guys, it's still quirky, but A LOT better than it was. Plus, the more you play the less you think this as a problem.
  20. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    It really IS easy. Got the perfect bear corpse last night as well from the Forest. Went to Taxidermist and he gave me the exact trophy. Now I want ALL of them!!!! :p

    And what's the fun of buying stuff like that on AH! ;)

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