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Google is creating its own Amazon right under our noses

Discussion in 'Economy' started by Susan Addams, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User


    Another clueless article IMO. It's from ComputerWorld, probably written by a nerd or geek.

    Amazon just passed Alphabet (Google) yesterday to become the world's second most valuable company, after #1 Apple. Yes, Apple! I was surprised by that too. Amazon already passed Microsoft (IIRC #4).

    Amazon has been doing poorly since Tuesday but I'm confident they will return to their approx. $1,600 high sooner or later, and continue the long climb.

    I am of course focused on Amazon since I have a large part of my net worth on Amazon's nose. I quit watching the rest of the market when I sold off my Apple and eBay late last week and bought more Amazon Monday. If it returns to this week's low I still have some money in my brokerage account and might buy more Amazon (and forget about neat numbers). I have the proceeds from the sale of my condo coming in tomorrow but it takes me a couple days to move money into my brokerage account and the check from the escrow company will probably have a hold on it for a while anyway. I'm pretty sure I'm in deep enough that it wouldn't be advisable to get any deeper. You know the sayings about eggs and baskets.


    I became intrigued by the idea of the biggest companies and decided to research it a bit. I was surprised there was no real time list I could find, and surprised that things seem to be in such flux say perhaps beginning of 2017 to present. Yes folks, this really is a horse race, and they haven't reached the stretch yet. They have been rising and falling like crazy the last 15 months. The one steady trend I can see is ... yep, you guessed it. My horse is nosing its way to the leader of the pack. (It might still be #1 today, I can't find a real time list. The articles say Amazon was #1 on Tuesday. Presumably the author have real time data. I don't.)

    I think in another month or two this silly business will be over and nobody will dispute that Amazon really is #1. All I can say is good luck Alphabet, Amazon is going to eat your lunch.

    (I hope there is no penalty for mixing too many metaphors.) ;)

    ETA: (again)

    I looked up a few likely stocks and here's my list of market cap:

    863.44B AAPL
    760.94B AMZN
    749.96B GOOG
    705.53B MSFT
    488.00B FB
    219.13B ATT

    Note that I don't have the list of all the contenders.
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