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Global cooling... No, warming... No, cooling... wait wut?

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by Copzilla, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Copzilla

    Copzilla dangerous animal Staff Member


    There has been a 60 per cent increase in the amount of ocean covered with ice compared to this time last year, the equivalent of almost a million square miles.

    In a rebound from 2012's record low, an unbroken ice sheet more than half the size of Europe already stretches from the Canadian islands to Russia's northern shores, days before the annual re-freeze is even set to begin.

    The Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific has remained blocked by pack-ice all year, forcing some ships to change their routes.

    A leaked report to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) seen by the Mail on Sunday, has led some scientists to claim that the world is heading for a period of cooling that will not end until the middle of this century.

    Gee... Whatever are we going to panic about now?

    The changing predictions have led to the UN's climate change's body holding a crisis meeting

    Crisis as in "Now we have to go find real jobs after pissing away billions of tax dollars."
    Al Gore should be strung up by his nuts.
  2. Allene

    Allene Registered User

    The whole thing is a bunch of hooey, and that's how I've felt about it all along. Our next panic? Just like what was going on in the 70s, when the next Ice Age was supposed to be coming any day.These people need to get a life. As for a long period of cooling, right now I'd welcome it. It's supposed to be 91 here tomorrow. Enough already. Because of the cool, wet spring, followed by a hot summer, the populations of yellow jackets and bald-faced hornets have reached alarming numbers in our area. Ed discovered a 12 x 14-inch yellow jacket nest near the house last week. It took four days to get rid of it. I couldn't go outside for a couple of days afterward because I'm allergic to yellow jackets and have already been stung once this summer. Al Gore is a royal PITA. He can come up here and shovel our driveway next winter FOR FREE!
  3. Kluge

    Kluge Observing your world for over 50 years

    Link didn't lead to a GW-CG article.

    So, if your facts are straight, in half a century or 2050, kids entering school this year will be my age and the panic should re-commence. Don't put off to tomorrow what you can put off to the day after tomorrow.

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  4. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

  5. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

  6. Andy


    Get off your mobile device that's forcing a redirect.....
  7. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    The best case they can make is that weather is becoming more extreme, both hotter and cooler, and more unstable.

    Or is it just that we are focused on the weather and paying more attention to it we are bound to recognize the bigger anomalies?
  8. Arc

    Arc Full Member

    There are many personal factors that make a good scientists. Good scientists need to be both curious, creative, and open minded. Good scientists in the big picture produce the most reliable and accurate scientific findings or knowledge. Bad scientists are those that have an agenda, are closed minded, and lack in aggravation lack creativity and curiosity. Bad scientists produce unreliable and often inaccurate results.

    The current times and scientific community is dominated too much by bad scientists.
  9. Copzilla

    Copzilla dangerous animal Staff Member

    Because of???

    They're subsidized to say what they say. Hide the decline, keep the money rolling in...

  10. Arc

    Arc Full Member

    Yep, and you don't get grants or research funding to come up with facts and information on most subjects to say everything is fine. I'm OK you're OK. Nope it's only "the sky is falling" warnings that produce substantial cash flow along with more cash flow to affirm and reinforce it as well as to "prove" it is so.
  11. Kluge

    Kluge Observing your world for over 50 years

    We have been getting some record breaking storms etc but there's a fallacy about the extreme weather prediction.
    Compare it to saying that if person X enters a casino they will cause extreme good and bad luck. Can that prediction be wrong? The longer you observe the more likely you will see an extreme run of luck.

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  12. MemphisMark

    MemphisMark Old School Conservative

    I remember back in the 70's when the "enviromentologists" came about and were screaming "GLOBAL COOLING!!!11!!!!1"

    They wanted to cover the Artic with carbon dust to absorb more heat from sunlight. Then they switched over to "GW" and we have to cut CO2 emmissions.

    I just ask these guys, "What is the temperature of the Earth supposed to be?" of course, there will never be an answer to that because it all depends on where you are and where the Earth is in its orbit.

    What stopped me from listening to these guys at all was when someone found that they had "clear" GW data from a weather station in Austrailia. Too bad about 4 years worth of the data occured before they even built the station....
  13. Sierra Mike

    Sierra Mike The Dude Abides Staff Member

    We have been having unusual--as in, seldom observed over the past few hundred years--weather lately, but the scope of scientific surveillance and the breadth of analysis conducted thus far can hardly begin to unravel each and every event, no matter how much the global warming/cooling/simmering brigades want it to.

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