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gladiator update 12-12-2002

Discussion in 'Bits & Bytes' started by claire, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. claire

    claire Registered User

    Gladiator Antivirus Scanner/GAV XXL has been updated! The new updates for the GAV XXL Version are available via the LiveUpdate feature.

    Program Version: 0.9.5
    Engine Version: 0.8.2
    Pattern Version: 0.4.4

    Note: You have to register to use the LiveUpdate feature. Registration is free! The assistant tells you how from the Preferences Screen. (You may have to turn off any proxy servers and adjust your firewall settings to be successfully updated. If you need help please visit our Forums.)
    Those of you who may be interested in testing GAV XXL please refer to this link Gladiator Security Labs Website. Just click on Download GAV XXL Freeware (the turning disk icon) on the right side of the main page.

    Please be advised that GAV XXL is an Alpha Development Project.
    (Alpha means the software is not finished yet. It is being constantly improved.
    Test or use it at your own risk.) Thank you.

    You are welcome to visit our Gladiator Security Labs Forums.

    GAV runs on all Windows platforms!

    GAV is a freeware antivirus and antitrojan application.

    New In This Version
    Program Version: 0.9.5

    What's new ?

    (+) Completely new registration (much easier now)
    (+) Intelligent Download Manager
    (+) Shows now the Filesize of downloads
    (+) Shows what is downloading (eg. "downloading new engine")
    (+) Shows now the download progress with a progress bar
    (+) Shows now the downloaded KBytes
    (+) Shows the average Download Speed in KB/s
    (+) You can now delete wrong registration information (for instance a wrong email adr.)
    (+) Live Virus Statistic can be enabled/disabled
    (+) displays new versions in bold and red color


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