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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ethics, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. Misu

    Misu Hey, I saw that.

    I personally would like a mouse pad. I think mousepads are cute, and my current mouse pad is gigantic, and although it's very cool, it's plain.

    Could we get giant mousepads with GA stuff written on it? Like, with the best quotes from the users here on them? Man, Dom had a good one, and I had used it for my sig for a while - man that one cracked me up everytime I read it, hehe
  2. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

  3. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    Mousepads? People still use those? Get an optical mouse. The single best improvement in human/computer interface since the monitor.
  4. Frodo Lives

    Frodo Lives Luke, I am NOT your father!

    I love my optical mouse. I cringe everytime I need to use a plain ball mouse.
  5. Techie2000

    Techie2000 The crowd would sing:

    Agreed. I love my Logtiech Optical Mouse, and I just use the formica on my desk as my mousepad...
  6. Techie2000

    Techie2000 The crowd would sing:

    Also we could use the MyOpera program and maybe sell a custom GA version of Opera...
  7. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Sweetness and Light

    How about a GA shot glass? Ha ha
  8. Fiona

    Fiona Veteran Member

    Wow, some great ideas...
    I think the "merchandise" angle might be the way to go... anonymity is key. Like you said, ya don't want someone thinking they have the right to yell louder because they donated such and such money! ;) I know most of us would give ya anything we could if ya need it! If any of this pans out, I want that mug with Sharon's slogan on it... ..."had and affair at Globalaffairs..." COOL :thumbsup:
  9. Sacchiridites

    Sacchiridites Banned

    How about free hosting? I think I have unlimited space with 40 Gigs of bandwidth at my disposal and I have no idea what to do with it. It is free. I can check into it. Just give me the word.

    All the best to all,

    "....to secure orderly conduct on the part of public speakers; for then it would be permitted to the oldest citizen, as the law prescribes, to come forward to the platform first, with dignity, and, uninterrupted by shouting and tumult, out of his experience to advise for the good of the state and it would then be permitted to all other citizens who wished, one by one in turn, in order of age, to express their opinion on every question; for so, I think, the state would be best governed, and least litigation would arise...."  Aeschines, <CITE>Speeches,  "Against Ctesiphon, Aeschines, Translated by Charles Darwin Adams"</CITE></E>
  10. Misu

    Misu Hey, I saw that.

    Hey, just so you all know, I'm not slumming it - I use an optical mouse! But my desk top isn't smooth - it's somewhat bumpy, like an old formica countertop. I know, I hate it, but the desk is cool. So I have a giant mousepad for my optical mouse.

    And not just any optical mouse - a ruby red Logitech optical mouse, thankyouverymuch!
  11. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Sweetness and Light

    Ha ha Misu of course you have one dear...*ahem* ha ha

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