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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ethics, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. Domh

    Domh Full Member

    The thermometer idea is brilliant Copz, but might seem a little weird if it didnt get to the top in 365 days. Great idea though.

    Think 'public radio' without the damn pledge drives. We need to allow the members here who WANT to support the communities expenses to be able to do so.

    We also need to think of some things that members would like to have that they would be willing to pay for - yknow, tickets to the opera, vids of aria whipping shiny, globalaffairs.org coffee mugs, EMAIL ACCOUNTS for sure. What else folks?

    I think we need a 'pledge drive' without the drive. Offer the chance to pledge anything, offer some cool stuff for those who want to pledge a little more. The key word here is 'pledge'.

  2. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Could definitely go for a coffee mug or two. Extra large size.. None of those wimpy 8 oz jobs.
  3. melpomene

    melpomene Banned

    what are you all talking about?

    credit cards - pop ups - thermometers - paypal - dont make it public - thank people privately

    i know

    i know

    you all want to be strip searched rofl and pay for it rofl
  4. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    cafepress.com does good stuff with cups and t-shirts. I was going to do that (remember the motto of GA forum thread) but was going to offer that for GA money.
  5. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Sweetness and Light

    Yeah ! Coffee Mug!

    "I'm Having an Affair at GlobalAffairs.org"
  6. BigDeputyDog

    BigDeputyDog Straight Shootin Admin Staff Member

    Coffee mugs... good!!
    T-shirts... good!!

    "Get your ass whipped by Aria at GlobalAffairs.org!"
    "GlobalAffairs.org: More than just a pretty face!"
    "GlobalAffairs.org: No l33t shit here!"
    "GlobalAffairs.org: When it comes to ethics, we're justin time!"
    "GlobalAffairs.org: Genius Happens!"


    BDD... :{)
  7. cdw

    cdw Ahhhh...the good life.

    I'd buy one of those mugs especially if it were a travel mug....
    I could finally ditch my old 7-11 one!
  8. Paladin

    Paladin Have Gun -- Will Travel


    I got an Atari 800 computer for Christmas, 1980. Maybe '79. A couple of months later I added an 850 interface, an Epson MX80 printer, and a Hayes Smartmodem. Got a $100 (plus connect charges) Lifetime Membership to The Source. Discovered BBSs. Stopped using The Source and started hanging out on BBSs, in particular G*R*O*U*N*D*S*T*A*R -- which was run on a business PDP11 after hours. Then the Business took their comuter back so I look around and found North Shore Amis. Good people, intersting discussions, on the right coast. Which is ridiculous when you are dialing in from the left coast.

    There were no BBSs locally that provided the message forum I desired, most were heavily into file swapping. So I downloaded an AMIS program and ran up my own BBS sometime in '81. It ran for about 8 years, attracting interesting and prolific writers. At it's peak the single phone line was connected to someone over 50% of the time, with well over 100 messages a day being posted. I went from the Atari 800 to a 1200XL to a 130XE, and from a single 88K floppy to four 170K RANAs to a pair of RANAs and a Big D -- double double sided double density 700K in a single box! A full meg of on line storage. What with the 'phone line, electricity, and hardware upgrades the BBS probably cost me over $1000 a year. Totally free to my callers.

    Why? It was my hobby. The money was a small fraction of the value of my time that I spent and the enjoyment I received. My BBS ran exactly the way I felt a BBS should run. It was, IMO, perfect. It was all MINE. I paid for it, I ran it, I was the SysGOD. There were no strings on me, I was not obligated to anyone for the operation/content/policies of my BBS. I refused to take donations or pay because then I would be OWNED by those who have put up money. Even if not contractually I would, by my ethics, be required to listen to and at least consider what my donors suggested. I did not want that. That would detract from the pleasure of having it 100% My Way!

    The single line BBS evolved to the multi-line BBS, interconnected by dial-up links to others, sharing messages in QWK packages. I got married and other interests took priority and my BBS died. I drifted into FIDOnet as a user, then a moderator in Intelec Net. The ownership changed and I took a hike. By this time the Internet had arrived and I hung out on the vast wasteland that is Usenet

    Dec. 29th, 1999 -- Got DSL! April-May 2000, I am installing DSL. April is also when Valkyre found DSLReports and sent me the link. I start helping out. A month or two later someone posted something, Justin responded, I pointed out an overlooked link. Message got deleted and I got a moderator tag. Was told that nothing was expected but that I could do whatever I felt needed done to keep the site running clean. Two years+ later I was told it was a mistake to have granted any actual power to moderators and he wanted the place to be full of hate and crap -- so I left.

    Then Valkyre found this place. It's cool. It is very close to what I want in a chat forum. I hang around.


    Any society in which the people, on average, take more than they give -- will die.

    Any society in which the people, on average, give more than they take -- will grow and prosper.

    My running of my BBS, my being a moderator, my posting my thoughts here -- was/is part of my giving.

    Point of all this:

    Don't take Leon's forum away from him. Don't turn passion into a business. Remeber -- the differences between the men and the boys is the price of their toys. Trust him. Let him have his toy. IF he ever needs the money he knows that he could temporarily add a paypal button and get more than enough to cover excess costs.

    In the meanwhile you can support the site by posting honest feelings without attacking others for having different feelings. Even, or especially, if you are as poor as a churchmouse or just starting out in life.


    'Cause I'm selfish. I LIKE this place and would like it to last for more than a couple of years; before I have to move on and find for a new home in cyberspace.
  9. Misu

    Misu Hey, I saw that.

    Hehe, I'm such a weirdo - when I read other posts before Copz' referring to thermometer, I instantly thought something....dirrrrrrty.... rofl

    Aye ya ya ya ya - I need to shower and get out of this house for a while. Been on the computer wayyyy too long doing research and typing things up and escaping here for a breaky-poo ;)
  10. cdw

    cdw Ahhhh...the good life.

    Hey, Ethics... whatever you decide is fine with me. I in no way would think that if I donated money or bought mugs that I somehow I would "own" any part of this place and I don't think there are many in here who would. But, if you would like those of us that can contribute in no other way than typing our opinions, let us know... we'll do what we can, if we can and know that it is appreciated and taken in the spirit it is intended.

    Love ya... :eek:)
  11. BigDeputyDog

    BigDeputyDog Straight Shootin Admin Staff Member

    Excellent post, paladin, and it makes very good sense... :thumbsup:

    You're right... this is ethics baby... He knows that, if he needs financial help, he would get it many fold. And like you said, he has not asked for that financial help... :)

    I can see where direct financial support would lead one to believe that they are a "part owner"... I have no qualms about giving directly to ethics, for I have become quite fond of this place (and my online family here) and would hate to see it die for lack of funds... But I have no desire to be considered a "part owner", for this would detract from the fact that I had nothing to do with the idea or inspiration to create this site.

    We all support this place by sharing, allowing our ideas to be exchanged with each other, by bringing in new members to share their ideas and thoughts. We give of our time and efforts willingly to allow this to be one of the greatest places on the world wide web. We all help out in any way we can, without being asked or forced to do so. I have seen, many times over, where both emotional and/or financial support has been offered to any and all, regardless of politics, gender, ethnics, etc... We all work together, making this a caring and giving place...

    I, personally, would like to have a couple of coffee mugs, a couple of t-shirts, and who knows what else to show my pride and support of this wonderful place. No, I don't consider it direct financial support, but if the sale of such items generates a bit of a profit, then by all means it should go to the running of this site.

    I guess what I'm trying to say, in my usual ineffectual way, is that the ultimate decision on financing is up to ethics. I'm comfortable with his decision, whatever he choses to do, because I have faith and trust in him.

    Ethics, if you need my moral support, you've got it... If you need my financial support, you've got that too... You've got my email address, my home address, and my phone number... :thumbsup:

    BDD... :{)
  12. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Sweetness and Light

    Me neither. I'd just "own" the mug. Paladin that background explains so very much. I see a big difference between your setup and ethic's however. I seriously doubt he views himself as SysGod or any other deity, nor do I feel that having things exactly his way is his motive. I hear him ask us for our input constantly. I think ethics can and does speak for himself. Speaking for myself, I see it as a way to further our existance here. I don't want to be a stock holder, rather a tax paying citizen. And since tax has such a horrible connotation, I'd rather it be like passing the basket at church. 'Cept you get a cool coffee mug ha ha.

    Ethics the decision is yours.
  13. Domh

    Domh Full Member


    Dog... that is GENIUS.

    As regards the entire issue, those of you who mentioned that it is indeed our community but ethics' baby - your spot on. Aint nothing wrong with the suggestions and discussion though! Kudos to all for great ideas and even greater attitudes.

  14. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Paladin actually hit the issue spot on, with a small minor difference, and Sharon mentioned that difference.

    While I don't think Pal meant he was SysGod or wanted to be his his his... I think -- and I could be wrong -- the reason was not that he had to listen, but DO what others ask. I've had to do that at first, from many members. Some mention something by the way and move on, others like to repeat it since they think it's a great idea. Neither one of them is wrong, and sometimes the nagging paid off not only for them but for me as well. ;)

    See, running a forum, especially one that is politically based (although we do cover a very wide spectrum), is not easy because of different feelings on many of the issues. People have a hard time separating opinions and feelings, friendship and an adversary in debate.

    I mentioned this to Michael (Domhain) over the phone. Can you imagine what would happen if someone like Flagger donated? How about 10 Flaggers? I believe I would have heard the complaints and how they should be listened to and how the forum should be this way and not that way and how a moderator choice was a bad one, on and on and on. And of course, how things that THEY write should be ok while others should be split and moved to UiF.

    I don't mind listening, I actually prefer it, because this forum was basically made up of members here and their ideas. Think about this. The forum of Outdoors and Sports was Copzilla, Solace was Advocat's, Hotspots we took from the old CIS forum, Techie and Graphics forum were BDD's and Techies (both are exceptional in their perspective field as well). Even the Gin Joint, which was a spinoff from another site, was majorily shaped by Violet. Ken--whereever he is, mentioned about Wine and Dine Forum. Domhain's & stevent's baby was the Philosophy forum. SM's and Stanley Foo's were Military and Travel forum. Frodo was posting things on gaming so that was a natural idea as well.

    I can't even list all of the ideas that others have donated in one way or another.

    Thus, I want to hold off with the donations. I don't want to start that UNTIL I really need it. When and if I do, I would like some help and that won't be mandatory.

    I hope everyone is ok with this decision.

    In the meantime, and after the move--which should happen early next week, I WILL place mugs and t-shirts available for GA money. I think that idea was fun putting together and some of the mottos are pricesless.

    Besides, what better way to advertise than to have some outstanding members, who are full of knowledge, zest, and caring, display THIS site on their clothing?

    I appreciate everyone's input and will definitely come back to this thread to read over the ideas, if and when the need arrives. Who knows, with the way things have been going at work lately, it may be sooner than you know it. ;)
  15. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    **chuckle** If'n we're gonna do clothing, we gotta have it printed on boxers! rofl
  16. Paladin

    Paladin Have Gun -- Will Travel

    Right. Always listen. Always steal from the best. You got a lot of them here.
  17. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Sweetness and Light

    How much exposure will GA get that way? Welcome to plan B...

  18. melpomene

    melpomene Banned

    aussieland is too far for all this merchandise to travel too, probably.............dang and tarnashions
  19. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    I think that depends on the "merchandise". rofl
  20. melpomene

    melpomene Banned

    an itzy bitzy cup with "GA rules" on it....................i'll pay and send a donation to ethics *crawl crawl* rofl

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